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  1. milkinc13

    Attack The Block film aliens on a council estate

    when I went to see Sucker Punch the trailer came on & i had to double check it wasn't April 1st, looks utter rubbish
  2. milkinc13

    Deal or no Deal right now

  3. milkinc13

    gcse tomorrow....

    2.5hour exam. oh the joy
  4. milkinc13

    *****Official bad joke thread*****

    i'm still waiting for a baaa d joke
  5. milkinc13

    164XXX Boobs!!

    not for me.
  6. milkinc13

    Where in the World: Consumer Advice FAIL

    That's Fantastic, have you concidererd another two for that V. Yes i did use to work there, I saw the light and went to the indian place which is a lot better, more training (or that I found from asking collegues) as old saying goes. Pay peanuts get monkeys. If DSG were to improve both pay...
  7. milkinc13

    Who can make ethernet cables?

    had to do in college for 1 assignment, once got the hang of it, it's actually easy, just caase of lining up the cables with the connector inside.
  8. milkinc13

    Monitors with USB hubs

    HP LP2475w has a 6 port USB hub, 4 under the monitor and 2 on the side
  9. milkinc13

    12A Films.

    does this mean that "Debbie Does Dallas" will be reclassified down?
  10. milkinc13

    Eurovision! 10/12/14 May 2011

    I personally don't thing we've got a hope in hells chance of winning as it'll be block voting as per norm in recent years for eurovision.
  11. milkinc13

    Phil Collins

    in the air tonight just a classic
  12. milkinc13

    RE: My super machine. Pics included.

    looks good, but in my opinion i wouldn't spend that much, as by next year it will be outdated
  13. milkinc13

    The state of technology in 10 years time?

    in 10years everything will be faster, more powerful, use less power, more reliable and cost around the same as tech today
  14. milkinc13

    Black marks inside screen

    considering Plasma is BETTER technology than LED backlight LCD, why would the OP want to downgrade. or could it be that the area of the screen playing up as the gas has escaped and needs to be re-gased. :rolleyes: (my last statement is complete balls and is not true)
  15. milkinc13

    Risky subject - A Joke

    how do you know Bin Laden was an arsenal fan? He came runing out shoting "come on u Gunners!" its funny Bin Laden was killed on monday, they don't normally do the bins on a bank holiday! America: Happy that they finally killed bin laden. UK: Happy that America finally killed an...
  16. milkinc13

    Crap, just applied to be an escort

    as long as your not paid a week in hand id go for it ;)
  17. milkinc13

    When was the last time you cried and why?

    the Man Law states: "It is OK for a man to cry ONLY under the following circumstances: When a heroic dog dies to save its master. The moment Jessica Biel, Jessica Alba, any of the hot Jessica’s starts unbuttoning her blouse. After wrecking your boss’s car. One hour, 12...
  18. milkinc13

    Excessive Use Of Auto-tune In Pop Music?

    ^^ That is just Horrible! It's a good Job Freddy isn't here to hear that atrocious sound (give me the original any day!)
  19. milkinc13

    Deja Vu

    or sometimes visa versa where a dream feels so realy it's like your actually there. yes I do get Deja Vu but it's normally after i've dreamt about something then it happens, sometimes can take a couple of years to get to that point, somtimes days/weeks, and it is creepy
  20. milkinc13

    PC shutting down for no reason - ideas?

    as said it's 9times out of 10 either heat issue but those temps are fine, or down to the PSU