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  1. Opisflap

    Waterjet Service wanted

    Try London Waterjet in High Wycombe, we use them all the time at work. They're pretty fast and can accommodate small runs. They can do high power laser cutting and etching too if you want more accuracy.
  2. Opisflap

    NR200 Owner's Thread

    Mine arrived today from OCUK :D
  3. Opisflap


    I love dogs. It's the owners I take issue with. Bags of **** hanging from trees is simply not on.
  4. Opisflap

    What was your first PC spec?

    I wish I'd kept my 486 now, I've no idea what happened to it. I had a load of saved up birthday money and bought it from my mate's dad when I got appendicitis and played hours and hours of Dune 2 on it while I recovered.
  5. Opisflap

    Winter 2020/2021

    what, you don't like a normal English winter being referred to as THE BEAST FROM THE EAST 2!! ?
  6. Opisflap

    Where do you get your gaming news from? :eek:
  7. Opisflap

    Winter 2020/2021

    Finally picking up in Herts :)
  8. Opisflap

    What is your dream job?

    Astronaut would be pretty good
  9. Opisflap

    The Good ol' days

    I think the problem is the general masses migrated to it, and like they do with most things...diluted and spoiled it.
  10. Opisflap

    ***The Official OcUK Lego Thread***

    looks like you're planning to make a curry!
  11. Opisflap

    The Good ol' days

    Can anyone still remember their old ICQ number? 10102260
  12. Opisflap

    Games that can be played over video chat?

    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
  13. Opisflap

    Winter 2020/2021

    Same here. I want snow dammit!
  14. Opisflap

    The Thing 3D Printed Case

    Really like the design. Looks really sleek
  15. Opisflap

    First printer purchase

    I hope they do it soon.
  16. Opisflap

    o11 Xl Rog Build

    Honestly, I'd have paid more for my o11 to not have that ROG sticker on it.
  17. Opisflap

    Getting up earlier as you get older

    I'm 35 and I probably need more sleep than I did in my 20s.
  18. Opisflap

    Hell Let Loose...Company Of Hero's, meets FPS

    Melee teased in the briefing today with a picture of a trench shovel. They showed a bayonet on Instagram too.
  19. Opisflap

    Evil Genius 2 (E3 2019)

    Cool. I loved the first one
  20. Opisflap

    What's your job?

    Film industry concept 3d modeller (mostly costume). It's a great job and I'm exceedingly lucky to do what i do.... But doesn't stop me complaining about it like all other jobs.