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  1. mattuk

    M1730 not performing as it should.

    Dell XPS M1730 T9300 @2.5ghz 4gb ram 9800m GTX Sli Windows 7 I got this laptop to play old and current gen games. I don't expect to max todays games but old games yes. I noticed WOW was running kinda bad but thought it was because its an old game not optimized for newer hardware. But I...
  2. mattuk

    Should i get a motorcycle to combat costs?

    Think its like £189 to be more precise for the 12 months.
  3. mattuk

    Should i get a motorcycle to combat costs?

    The prices are ridiculous for young drivers. I past my test 2 years ago and it cost me £2000. And that was the cheapest, im paying the price for boy racers.
  4. mattuk

    Should i get a motorcycle to combat costs?

    I have full driving license as it stands. I have a 1.2 corsa that costs me £1500 on the insurance and £200 on tax every year. Im putting in £20-£25 every week on petrol. I travel 30 minutes everyday for work and a extra 30 minutes 4 days a week going to the gym. Im thinking about buying a...
  5. mattuk

    Will two 7950's handle next gen?

    I currently have a 7950. It does the job fine apart from the odd game that needs more of a boost. This is at 5760x1080. If i get another 7950 will it handle next gen for a year or more? I fear when consoles upgrade and graphics improve overall. My Vram won't handle the stress of 5760x1080 with...
  6. mattuk

    Spec Ops: The Line demo Eyefinity/Surround?

    I just tried the demo of spec ops on steam. Seems like a good game but i couldn't get eyefinity to work? My resolution is at 5760x1080 but the game is only on the one screen and probably playing at 1920x1080. Any else tried this out yet?
  7. mattuk

    7850 for 2560x1440?

    I had a 5850 1gb while waiting for the 7xxx series to come out. At the time i was also playing SWTOR. I tried it a 5760x1080 and it ran absolutely fine. I think i turned shadows to low but that's about it. Everything else was pretty much maxed. So a 7850 for 2560x1440 won't be a problem.
  8. mattuk

    Diablo3 Guest pass begging thread

    I would like a guest pass to try out Diablo 3. Never played a Diablo game before and dont know if i will like it. Costs £35 to find out...
  9. mattuk

    Games for Eyefinity

    Racing games like Dirt 3 work well. Fifa 12 is also good because you can see the whole pitch when playing.
  10. mattuk

    ASUS Transformer Prime and WOW?

    With splashtop i see you can stream games like WOW from your PC to your tablet. With the Asus prime i see you can also use the keyboard dock. But i wanna know if you can plug a mouse into the dock and use it also?
  11. mattuk

    Radeon 7950 not waking from sleep

    BTW you know you can turn sleep mode off.
  12. mattuk

    Radeon 7950 not waking from sleep

    I don't get your problem but i do get a problem with sleep mode also. In my case my fan is at lets say 20% and it jump to about 100% every 5 seconds or so. Its quite then you suddenly hear a jet take off.
  13. mattuk

    Where to buy Asus EeePad Transformer Prime?

    I was gonna buy Asus EeePad Transformer Prime off Amazon but it went out of stock. Where else in the UK can i buy this tablet from?
  14. mattuk

    Check Engine light is on after new exhaust?

    My 2000 Corsa C failed the MOT because the exhaust was to loud and wearing out. I went straight down to another garage where they fit exhausts etc. Long story short i had a new exhaust fitted. But when i got home the check engine light is on. I disconnected the battery which worked but it came...
  15. mattuk

    amd Catalyst drivers 12.4 out

    I got the regular sapphire. At stock the 7950 will max anything at 1920x1080.
  16. mattuk

    amd Catalyst drivers 12.4 out

    BTW has any1 else noticed better overclocking potential with the 12.4? I was at 950 on the core with my 7950 now im at 1000mhz without any problems. I might try and push it some more.
  17. mattuk

    amd Catalyst drivers 12.4 out

    I done a test from the games i had installed before the update. 2500k, 7950 overclocked, 5760x1080 Resident Evil 5 12.3 85-86fps 12.4 90-91fps Crysis warhead 12.3 26fps 12.4 28fps Bad company 2 12.3 73-74fps 12.4 75-76fps Skyrim 12.3 51fps 12.4 54fps
  18. mattuk

    A second 6970 or a 7970?

    Well what resolution are we talking about? 1080p or below i would get another 6790. Higher then that i would go for a 7970.
  19. mattuk

    2500K @4.8GHZ 1.4V safe?

    What does the CPU load line calibration do? I have it set to level 3.
  20. mattuk

    2500K @4.8GHZ 1.4V safe?

    Im abit of a noob to overclocking so went by sum guys settings on the net. Which worked but had the voltage offset at 1.5+ volts! I used the tuning utility and went down from there. Currently at +0.055 if i go down just 5 (+0.050) it will blue screen. My ram is G-Skill 8GBXL Ripjaws X and...