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  1. itchy

    ***The Official 5600X \5800X owners thread***

    Thanks for the advice I will look into it. I never thought a new CPU could run so hot and be happy. But am not happy with 90c temps its like am overclocking like a nutter and am at stock.:(
  2. itchy

    AMD moving to a LGA CPU socket.

    I have built a fair few computers in my time but i have never bent a pin. I did screw an iPhone 3 repair up once, snapped the home button contact off. But fixed it with tinfoil and super glue.:p
  3. itchy

    ***The Official 5600X \5800X owners thread***

    My 5800x boosts to 4849mhz but it hits 90c under stress tests. I have not overclocked it yet. Its a very fast CPU thats for sure and I hope it should last a long time. I just need get water cooling sorted and I think I can control the temps.
  4. itchy

    3900x or 5900x

    I would spend the extra for future proofing. If you make the right purchase on a CPU it can last a very long time.;)
  5. itchy

    The Great GPU shortage isn't ending anytime soon

    The GPU shortage is ending now, the are plenty around. Just stand fast and wait. ;) Soon 1080s will be £150 and 3080s will be around £800. Dont buy and people will be stuck, retailers and second hand sellers. WAIT!;)
  6. itchy

    need help choosing a new CPU

    As said above a good SSD helps a lot. For CPU upgrade if required, a 5800x if you can deal with the heat otherwise you got a good CPU anyway. So its up to you. ;)
  7. itchy

    My i7 2600K build is still good 10 years on - What current CPU has best VFM over the next 10 years?

    I still have a 2500k @ 4.4ghz lowered it down due to age it can hit 4.8ghz. It just works as my main music/server has been running fine. If I want to run a game it works fine. The i7 & i5s were the pinnacle of CPUs, we wont get that again until we get quantum computing in my opinion. I now...
  8. itchy

    Ryzen 5800 XT Temps

    I have been building computers since 1999 and I have had not a single CPU fail except. The Cyrix CPUs had a habbit of failing on the FPU compute units but thats it. Its hard to kill silicone, if you push it super hard its just a "Computer says No!" and it fails to boot. I think the last thing...
  9. itchy

    I found an OCUK scalper...

    Thats funny as ***Please fully star out swearing*** :cry::cry::cry: Who cares, i could buy a GPU from anyone and sell it for more, if I can get a buyer willing to pay the price i want. :rolleyes:
  10. itchy

    3090 FE Mining

    We need to see what you have done. Also why did you take apart a good card to re apply thermal compound? I just dont get it, why? Did you have an issue with thermals before hand or not?
  11. itchy

    Ryzen 5800 XT Temps

    Its not the year 2000 people, most chips can hit 100c and be fine as they downclock themselves to stay alive. To kill a CPU these days with heat is hard as nails. High temps are fine for short term but you need to try and keep it down for the overall life expectancy. 5800x's are hot potatoes...
  12. itchy

    Ryzen 5800 XT Temps

    No need to worry them temps are good for a 5800. Mine hits 90c under load with cine bench but i know, i need better cooling. They are hot cpu's thats for sure.:p
  13. itchy

    Twelve Minutes

    Its crap watched Robbaz play it yesterday, its a gaming lobotomy. Try fail, try fail, try again fail... and so on until you win. :mad:
  14. itchy

    3080 to 3080Ti worth the money?

    A simple answer is NO! ;)
  15. itchy

    Have I killed my GPU

    Its either dead or you could try re-flashing the BIOS on your GPU. ;) Otherwise its the oven bake trick or the bin. :(
  16. itchy

    Don't Buy A Used Mining GPU

    Used & old cards are fine no matter what they used for. I ran a 2500k CPU @ 4.4ghz to 4.8ghz for over 10yrs no problem. It still works fine now. (yes i know its not a GPU but the same applies) I am still using a 780ti well over MF clock speed, its hot but it works. You will know when a GPU is...
  17. itchy

    The silly thoughts you have while lay in bed and going to sleep?

    Besides being electrocuted you would look weird as fk. :p
  18. itchy

    Pentagon releases UFO footage

    Quite an interesting video. But they fail to mention frequency which we all live at, 5-20hz depending on what paper you read. We live in the quantum world, why do i think this. Am no physicist but you never know what the next day will bring. If you think about it, you get up everyday doing...
  19. itchy

    Pentagon releases UFO footage

    Life does exist beyond our planet, you have to be a little naive to think otherwise. For example when you sitting 35,000ft in the air do you see life besides the passengers around you ? No Before the invention of the microscope did we know anything about microbes and bacteria for example ? No...
  20. itchy

    Gaming CPU?

    The 5800x runs hot so get the best cooling you can get. ;) Thats the best for your setup unless you video editing and rendering.