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  1. Retromatic

    Have I wiped/wrecked my external HD?

    Okay thanks!
  2. Retromatic

    Have I wiped/wrecked my external HD?

    Hi, I have a 5tb WD External HD full of media and a couple of months ago I managed to pick up the wrong power lead (which looks almost the same and was already plugged in and on). Distracted I was trying to plug it into my external HD and after a couple of seconds realised I had the wrong...
  3. Retromatic

    V2 of Mansions of Madness - Suitable for beginners?

    I have a bit of a limited experience with "alternative" board games, I'd always liked the idea and had previously been into painting 40k etc so when I saw Mansions of Madness a couple of years ago I loved the theme and jumped right in! However, I found it a chore to setup and play/teach to...
  4. Retromatic

    Camel Up - Amazing Fun

    This looks perfect for me, I prefer the lighter style games. I think I may have read a review on The Dice Tower a while back if memory serves.
  5. Retromatic

    Anyone played Santorini?

    Did a search but nothing popped up, hopefully I didn't miss a thread already but I picked this up about a month ago - great little game. Easy to pick up and play, with a few levels to it with the introduction of "God Cards". I believe the expansion is out now over here, Golden Fleece or...
  6. Retromatic

    Multirotor, multicopter and quadcopter discussion thread (drones).

    Thanks for your response. I don't unfortunately but I guess I could find a local club or something, ring them up and see if I could pop along.
  7. Retromatic

    What's the worst game you've ever played ?

    Loads across many platforms, but I'll chuck in Streetfighter 2 on the Amiga. The Amiga had the power to make it good but apparently (amongst other more technical things) the programmers received no help from US Gold in obtaining essential info from CAPCOM such as the source code and stuff like...
  8. Retromatic

    OcUK PSN ID's

    Feel free to add me : Retromattic
  9. Retromatic

    ex wife wont let me intodroduce son to girlfriend

    Okay. My situation was quite different but the same type of things applies. 16 years ago I had a son with my ex, we were together on/off for about 4 years - I brought him up myself from 3 months old (and then from 3 years onwards with my now partner). In all that time my ex played every game...
  10. Retromatic

    Multirotor, multicopter and quadcopter discussion thread (drones).

    Not sure whether to make the jump to FPS or not? My limited quadcopter history is that I've had some of the Hubsans in the past and for the last couple of years myself and 16 year old son have just been flying with the Revell Rayvore, £50 jobby. My problem is I feel like I'm not improving my...
  11. Retromatic

    How late is too late for a night out

    Well, I don't drink but when I do go out I prefer to be in by 9 p.m latest. How times have changed...once upon a time if I wasn't out all night, it wasn't much of a night!
  12. Retromatic

    KFC bird won't leave me alone please help

    I don't know I don't eat either tbh. But it looks more acceptable.
  13. Retromatic

    KFC bird won't leave me alone please help

    Tell her you've upgraded from KFC to Nando's and are now giving someone else the "full Tony Williams experience". :)
  14. Retromatic

    How old are you and how often do you see your parents?

    I'm 36 and I haven't seen my parents for 6 years. Basically, since I was a child my sister has always gone running to my parents over anything and everything, from the smallest disagreement to the biggest. Unfortunately 9 times out of 10, they will take her side without listening to my side...
  15. Retromatic

    Elder Scrolls Online

    I did create a new account. When I put in my usual email address it just said it had been used before (then I remembered the ESO beta). Rather than go through all the password recovery for that, I just chucked in an email address of mine that I thought I still had access to. Unfortunately all...
  16. Retromatic

    Elder Scrolls Online

    I've sent a few tickets but no response... I'm not sure they will do it either because it says in order to change it, it first needs to be verified. I can't gain access to it, to verify the account. I nearly made a sub account, but realised it's rated 18 so wont let me do it :\ Bit stupid...
  17. Retromatic

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Yep...can't seem to find away around this. I would do a full system reset but I think even that wouldn't work.
  18. Retromatic

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Does anyone have any idea about this please? I have tried contacting customer support via phone several times but it literally is on hold for 1.5 hours before I hang up through sheer boredom! I have also emailed them twice with no response... I have deleted and re-downloaded the content...
  19. Retromatic

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Thanks, I have sent a request for support on the site but no response. There is also no way of me logging in, it never asked for a password, just an email address and then went straight to character creation... Therefore I can't login to an account on the site I mean.