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  1. _dogma_

    Fiesta ST 2006

    I did google it, however just because it said it doesn't mean I was believing it ;) Thanks for the helpful, albeit sarcastic replies :)
  2. _dogma_

    Fiesta ST 2006

    Hey, this is probably a stupid stupid question but did the above model ever come in black? I'm looking for a cheapish car and my brother has found the above but Ive never seen a black one so not sure if someone is claiming its something its not? Cheers!
  3. _dogma_

    Old school handheld console

    By old school I thought you meant something like a GameGear. That was awesome!!
  4. _dogma_

    find out my gf slept with another guy who was in a relationship. tell the other girl?

    I've not read the whole thread but from what I can gather you were split up when she cheated on you. Not sure where she's in the wrong here... If you can't trust her that's your issue. She slept with someone else when she was single, hardly the crime of the century! If you can accept this, do...
  5. _dogma_

    Thinking of getting a pet rat

    It cost £60ish. That was for the consult before, the operation using the anaesthetic, antibiotics and a follow up appointment. Not all vets are rat savvy so make sure your boy is not injected with straight Baytril (the ab normally given to rats) and that its diluted with saline otherwise you...
  6. _dogma_

    Thinking of getting a pet rat

    It kinda looks like what my boy had. His started to scab up so I thought "abcess" but it didn't go away/wouldn't pop so I took him to the vet as it just got bigger and was starting to look painful. He got it removed to be on the safe side and it was pretty massive under the skin. I'd get it...
  7. _dogma_

    Anyone playing The Simpsons Tapped Out?

    Mine keeps randomly crashing. Is anyone else having this problem? Its stopping me from playing it.
  8. _dogma_

    Thinking of getting a pet rat

    Have a look on the NFRS website to find breeders. Or join the fancy rats forum and someone can point you in the right direction.
  9. _dogma_

    Thinking of getting a pet rat

    No, but they scent mark quite a bit. Its easy to tell the difference between a scent mark and an actual pee!
  10. _dogma_

    Thinking of getting a pet rat

    I have 3, a neutered male and 2 females. The most I've had at one time was 15. They currently live in half of a Liberta Explorer cage. I love both sexes but I'd say males are harder to introduce if you'd like to increase your numbers at any point. Dumbo or top ear makes no difference to...
  11. _dogma_

    Valeria Lukyanova, dubbed the ‘Human Barbie’

    Its called contouring. Its done with make up. The same reason her eyes look massive. She has seriously good make up skills. I'm sure I read somewhere that she corsets so that's why she has the tiny waist. Human ken is weirder. He now can't look like that cos of all his surgery. He's more...
  12. _dogma_

    Valeria Lukyanova, dubbed the ‘Human Barbie’

    I think she's strangely beautiful. She doesn't look "normal" and I don't aspire to look like her but what is normal anyway? She is bonkers though!
  13. _dogma_

    How often do you eat Pizza?

    I don't really like pizza :o I ate it a lot in my teens then all of a sudden the smell used to make me gag. Getting used to it again but I have to be in the mood for it otherwise it makes me sick just thinking about eating it off my plate!
  14. _dogma_

    My smart phone history

    I've only had the Nexus 4!
  15. _dogma_


    The money goes to advertising and paying wages. Very little of the money will be used for research. That's why I don't donate to big companies that run massive advertising campaigns. My dance school is doing an awareness thing for the Dr Hadwen Trust. They don't just focus on cancer but...
  16. _dogma_

    Dark Souls II Gameplay Tips and Spoiler Thread

    Had a quick go last night. Subscribing to this as I died about 8 times. Twice was in the house with the old woman because of an accidental button press!
  17. _dogma_

    Show us your kitty cats

    I have got to ask...why?? Why are you letting what I imagine is a purebred Bengal breed with the local cats? You suspect the dad is black and white so I'm guessing its not a proper thought out mating to better the breed? Does the breeder of your cat know your being so irresponsible? Why would...
  18. _dogma_

    The Walking Dead Season 4 (contains spoilers)

    It seems to be getting really close to the graphic novel now. Even the new characters look pretty much as Theyre drawn!
  19. _dogma_

    Co-op (~4 player) multiplayer games on Xbox 360?

    Been playing Fuse. Its not bad and can have 4 players on campaign.
  20. _dogma_

    Show us your kitty cats

    My two are indoor and so was my previous cat. Its never bothered them, they only look out the window when our car pulls up! I would lead train loki but charlie is to much of a chicken to be allowed outside. Loki is a pedigree so would probably get stolen. If I had a garden I could cat proof...