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  1. Nedved11

    Quartz/Granite Worktop Question

    heheh will have to hide it from the wife!
  2. Nedved11

    Quartz/Granite Worktop Question

    Excellent. Thanks for that. A quick calculation from their very rough prices still comes out over half the price I’ve been getting quotes from. I’ve got 10 meters of worktop and a double width 2m for breakfast bar area.
  3. Nedved11

    Quartz/Granite Worktop Question

    Thanks. Looking for a worktop place that will supply and fit. These guys look too cheap? Did this include any cuts for sinks?
  4. Nedved11


    Nice work. The old kitchen used as the new utility seems like a lot of wasted space?
  5. Nedved11

    OCUK founder Spie passes away

    Just found out about this now. No age, condolences to all the family. RIP.
  6. Nedved11

    Gypsum Habito board

    It's much denser, harder to work with. Weighs a ton.
  7. Nedved11

    Newly plastered walls - Undercoat?

    Any old cheap emulsion paint will do, mix up all you old emulsion paints together, water it down 50/50 and slap it on. Great way of getting rid of old paint! Be aware though paints do go off and stink if left on the self too long.
  8. Nedved11

    Replacing Sink - No Experience

    Basin not sink! lol sinks goesin kitchens. Fairly straightforward job. The boxing is just hiding waste that runs around the wall, they also ran you water pipes and radiator pipes since it was going spare. The vanity style basin will probably work. You will need to do abit of rijigging with the...
  9. Nedved11

    Waxoyl on glass

    IPA may clear it u-, if all else fails acetone aka nail polish remover, however this may burn the rubber!
  10. Nedved11

    Replacing a shower - Cabin or not?

    No need for, if built properly a shower shouldn't leak. Use aquapanel, personally I tank every shower area. Use a shower tray with upstands. No complaints yet.
  11. Nedved11

    New table saw keeps tripping the MCB

    Ah yes, a short to earth can still trip the MCB, could be an intermittent thing. A 500v insulation test can normally pick this up.
  12. Nedved11

    New table saw keeps tripping the MCB

    There could potentially be a leak to earth, this can also cause the RCD to trip. Unlikely on a new bit of kit but can't rule it out. Unfortunately you will need an insulation/megger or PAT tester to test this out. Test live/neutral to earth. If it's a real bad short then you may pick continuity...
  13. Nedved11

    First Home - Renovation Project

    Nice work, when levelling might have been an idea to use a p r i c k roller. This will help even out the areas and remove trapped air bubbles.
  14. Nedved11

    Spec me a 12V compressor

    Ring RAC610. cheap and very much up to the job. Keep one in the boot, it's fairly compact.
  15. Nedved11

    Any roofers / insulation guys out there?

    It's the very cold weather we are getting plus all the extra insulation, the air is stagnant up there. Lap vents will help, cheap too.
  16. Nedved11

    PIR lighting / garage power

    Fairly straightforward for any electrician worth his salt. If the new lights are LED they won't draw much power at all and all those lights can come off your light circuit in the garage.
  17. Nedved11

    How to repair broken render

    You can see there is cracks all over that. Chip off the loose bits. Slap some PVA mixed wi§th water before troweling. Use two coats one scratch, let that dry then scratch it the top smooth coat.
  18. Nedved11

    HG mould remover

    Agreed one of the better cleaners. Still bleach content. Great for cleaning up black mound from silicon. Or another trick, soak some tissue or bog roll in bleach and spread on the affected area. Leave overnight, careful if you got little kids.n by the morning the silicon will be as new. It...
  19. Nedved11

    Best oil for Oak worktops

    Danish oil always. Lovely finish.
  20. Nedved11

    Loft insulation over electric cables

    If clipped should be fine for lighting circuit. Thing you need to worry about in lofts is polystyrene laying over the cable. Don't do this the two do not mix well! You will be surprised how many times I see this going into people's lofts...