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  1. GT3

    Ad blue pumps

    I have filled up with Adblue from a greenchem HGV pump around 5 times with no trouble at all, don't know why they say you can't. The nozzle fits in perfectly, just make sure it is pushed all the way in and stop at the first click to avoid spilling it.
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    £15k to £20k non depreciating impractical fun car?

    The best K series Elise you can find for your money.
  3. GT3

    What does your wife/partner drive?

    Her first car still, a 2001 Yaris T Sport, we got 5 years ago to tide her over until she gained experience and some no claims bonus. It's been utterly reliable and she still loves it. Best £1k spent ever. Will likely get replaced by a 5 year old Swift Sport if and when it eventually dies!
  4. GT3

    Black Friday wishlist...

    I don't think I will beat last years deal of a Vodafone 100GB contract for £36 a month with £480 cashback and a free Samsung Galaxy S9 which I sold for £400 effectively meaning they are paying me to have 100GB contract for 2 years :D No problems at all with the cashback either.
  5. GT3

    2019: What are your motoring plans?

    Enter my 5th year of ownership of my 325ti Sport. Got an M54B30 that I am going to fit M52 piston rings to and refresh all seals etc and do the swap when the weather gets better.
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    Michelin stealth blade - jumped off - bad product ?

    I once made the mistake of buying some Michelin wiper blades from Costco thinking they were a reputable brand and would be fine. Big mistake, made awful screeching noises and some of the wiper didn't come into contact with the window. Binned them after 2 weeks, had Valeo and Bosch ones since and...
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    mx5, mr2 or mgf

    You need to do some reading on the 1zz-fe oil burning issue, I assume if its made it to that miles it has either had the pre-cats removed early in its life or its had another late engine swapped into it. They came with revised pistons from 2003 did they not? Were there further revisions in...
  8. GT3

    BMW and M Power Owners

    Does the E46 330d use the same auto box as the 330i? I have a 75k mile E46 330i with a perfect auto box that will soon be surplus to requirements as I have bought the car to put the engine in my 325ti.
  9. GT3

    mx5, mr2 or mgf

    Fair enough, mine was a 2000 1.8 so yes I'll admit I haven't tried a VVT one. I really fancy a Honda K20 engined mk3 MR2. I think it would be the perfect sports car for relatively cheap money.
  10. GT3

    mx5, mr2 or mgf

    To be fair, at least the K series in the MGF despite its flaws has some character, there is a reason Caterhams and s1 Elises use them. The MX5 despite its capable chassis, has such a dull and uninspiring coarse sounding engine. It lacks low end grunt yet doesn't rev out nicely either, completely...
  11. GT3

    mx5, mr2 or mgf

    If the mk3 MR2 is a post 2003 facelift model, then I would go for that. They fixed the engine issues from the earlier models and have a 6 speed gearbox with LSD standard. They handle amazingly well and don't rust apart from the rear subframe which is a bolt off part that can be easily fixed. I...
  12. GT3

    Motors YouTube Videos

    Jesus christ, I can usually watch any videos that are car related and find them interesting but that bloke waffling on about financing his Audi is some dull drivel. This blokes channel however is absolutely fascinating and criminally underviewed...
  13. GT3

    BMW e90 Front strut bolt

    You should be able to swing the strut down from under the arch with it still in the hub, from there just replace the spring in situ if you aren't replacing the damper. edit: like this
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    Is it worth it?

    You have to really want an E46 now, they were great cars and still are for someone that understands they will need constant maintenance. I have had mine for 3 years (50k miles) now and replaced the following: heater hedgehog, waterpump, thermostat, radiator, expansion tank, vanos seals, rocker...
  15. GT3

    What have you done to your car today?

    Into its 16th year of solid service, the hedgehog finally died. Got it out fairly easily with a slim torx driver and a sony z5 compact wedged to see where the hidden screw was.
  16. GT3

    Furthest you have travelled in a car

    Near Barcelona, I was also enjoying the south of france so much that I didn't want to come home. This meant doing just under 900 miles in one journey on the way home. Set off at 9am from Millau, arrived in Chesterfield 3am - rather tired.
  17. GT3

    Number of drinks needed to give you a hangover?

    I never really get the hangovers that most people get like bad headaches and feeling sick etc, but it left me unmotivated and a bit miserable for a couple of days afterwards. For this reason I've completely given up drinking as of 3 months ago and am much happier as a result :) Kind of miss the...
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    How do people manage to make a bad cuppa?

    Correct! Aeropress if you must have a quick coffee!
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    BMW and M Power Owners

    Sounds like the 125i needs some new rear trailing arm bushes if it's wearing rear tyres that quickly.
  20. GT3

    BMW and M Power Owners

    Had my 325ti up on the ramps today and noticed my radiator is bowed like a banana! :( It's a Nissens radiator and its only lasted about 2.5 years and 40k miles, I thought these were meant to be decent replacements? Really not sure which brand to replace it with as everyone seems to suggest...