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  1. Dark_Angel

    Would you go on a date with someone from these forums?

    Nothing to do here... :p
  2. Dark_Angel

    *** The 2012 Gym Rats Thread ***

    Cutting is a pain, trying to get the balance of carbs and everything right - but think I've just about got the levels nailed. the real question - are people happy doing cardio after legs on leg days? I'm half tempted to stick in about 20 minutes or so at the end of a leg session, as I want to...
  3. Dark_Angel

    My game is extremely laggy, but I've met all requirements, can someone help?

    Are your drivers up to date? It's strange you're having problems with Arkham Aslyum. City is the buggier of the two releases, albeit far better than it once was.
  4. Dark_Angel

    It's too hot :(

    Sounds pleasant? :D:o
  5. Dark_Angel

    Steam + Avast...

    TBH I'd probably ditch Avast now too. A few people have been having issues with it recently, steam being an obvious one
  6. Dark_Angel

    Slender - Indie horror game

    My friend covered this on my youtube - it scared her to death lol. Having said that, it didn't really seem like my thing. >.<
  7. Dark_Angel

    Steam Summer Sale: What's on your list?

    You missed it :p was on a flash sale I think Yesterday morning
  8. Dark_Angel

    Steam Summer Sale: What's on your list?

    For me this is a pretty much terrible last day :/
  9. Dark_Angel

    Steam Summer Sale: What's on your list?

    LOL deals appeared, splinter cell for 30... but now 30 seconds later and they're gone
  10. Dark_Angel

    Steam Summer Sale: What's on your list?

    I just RDP'ed onto a US server I've access to, the deals are still stuck US steam wise (sometimes the UK I've noticed lags a bit, particularly saying things such as not available in your region for awhile after an update...)
  11. Dark_Angel

    Steam Summer Sale: What's on your list?

    Still awaiting deals O.o
  12. Dark_Angel

    *** The 2012 Gym Rats Thread ***

    I actually find it okay :P The only issue for me is that it isn't exactly pleasant on the shoulders (but then, a towel does help make it not dig in as much). It doesn't help I usually am in the gym in just a t-shirt, most guys squat in a hoodie and so on, but I don't really like sweating...
  13. Dark_Angel

    *** The 2012 Gym Rats Thread ***

    Yeah, a few reasons - mostly lack of a good spotter. The problem with my gym - a lot of the people there are either twits, and the equipment section is fairly small - so I have to kind of make do without a spotter most of the time. It's not particularly ideal though. I would change gyms...
  14. Dark_Angel

    Help meh pick a new Username! :D

  15. Dark_Angel

    *** The 2012 Gym Rats Thread ***

    I'll try and do it at... well, some point :p It'll have to be on a day where my hay fever hasn't been going mad too. >.< I personally prefer the Smith Machine version of squats (I do find it more comfortable). I know some people hate the SM version, I do free weight squats every couple...
  16. Dark_Angel

    Overtime Theft

  17. Dark_Angel

    *** The 2012 Gym Rats Thread ***

    It was 5, but the last rep wasn't really deep (a half rep) hence I called it 4 to 5. I usually don't go that heavy as I prefer volume / super sets (usually regular into hack squats) right now, I'm trying to cut so I'm on a slightly lower carb count, hence I prefer to lift a little lighter...
  18. Dark_Angel

    Do painted toenails put you off women?

    No.... I'm not a big 'foot' person, but I think on some women they can look nice. Meh :)
  19. Dark_Angel

    *** The 2012 Gym Rats Thread ***

    She doesn't need spotting for the rows usually... I generally have her doing dropsets right now anyways :P Spotting because I'm doing 40KG plus, and while I can get them up, I'll be honest and say that my technique getting them down is something I need to work on. I'm fine raising them, but...
  20. Dark_Angel

    *** The 2012 Gym Rats Thread ***

    :o thanks, only managed like 4 or 5 reps. I have been trying to eye up heavier DB's for chest... but each time I do chest with DB's it's only weedy guys about lol. My DL on saturday were pathetic (60KG) but first time I'd done them in well, months. Technique is what I care about right now...