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  1. Muban

    Burns Night - Haggis!

    A bit late replying, can't say I've noticed any weird smells when boiling a haggis. I had MacSweens this year, If you can't get to the butcher it's the best of the ones you can easily get n a suprmarket. Though I do like a Haggis supper from the chippie or the traditional haggis, neeps and...
  2. Muban

    What film did you watch last night?

    Val Solid 8/10 from me. Some cool archive footage of himself and others. An intersting insight into his journey and where he is now. Some sad moments as you'd expect too, definitely worth watching.
  3. Muban

    Val - The Val Kilmer life story

    I kept waiting for it to appear on Prime too. Just noticed it is on Sky Documentaries. Not sure when it appeared there or how long it's available for. Going to give it a watch today.
  4. Muban

    What TV shows are you currently watching

    Dopesick (Disney+) Only 2 episodes in but excellent so far. Even had a bit of grit in my eye at one point.
  5. Muban

    What film did you watch last night?

    Donnie Darko 8.5/10 I saw this when it came out but it's probably been 15+ years since I've last seen it. I'd forgotten just how good this film was. Strangely though I'm now getting lots of streaming recommendations to watch horror movies because I watched it. I definitely don't see it as a...
  6. Muban

    What film did you watch last night?

    That ending, the credit roll might just be one of my most favourite of all time.
  7. Muban

    Filmwise Invisibles
  8. Muban

    Filmwise Invisibles

    Very late to the game noticing I know what number 4 from last week is I don't think it's worth submitting now :o:cry: They are late puitting it up this week.
  9. Muban

    What TV shows are you currently watching

    The final scene of the series finale was perfect. I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it but it was one of the best ends to a show ever.
  10. Muban

    Guess the film from the still

    If that is the film I think it is that is most definitely not James Cockburn :cry::cry::cry:
  11. Muban

    Can you cook?

    I see what you mean, though I’d be more than happy to have your ramen. Interesting video, Josh does seem to make quite a few mistakes (even from a westerners point of view (when he is adding the aromatics, how he rolls the pork, that not all his ingredients are hot when he adds them). I can...
  12. Muban

    Can you cook?

    Well yeah, I do have lot of ramen. But with fresh veggies, egg, gyoza or meat. Not just a brick of noodles out the packet :cry: Not going to lie I do love some good ramen. How cheeky @Rotty and there was me saying you underrated yourself, you and @Raymond Lin
  13. Muban

    Can you cook?

    My mum taught me to cook right from when I was little. She taught me how to cook elements of recipes and why things work they way they do. I do have some recipe books but most often I make my own recipes based on experience and what I have in the fridge/cupboards. I can make pastry, bake bread...
  14. Muban

    i miss computer stores

    We had a small computer shop in our town. Sold all sorts of pc bits to go in beige cases. I’m sure he made more money from selling games than anything else, they were pretty expensive. That said, every lunchtime and all weekend he had to suffer all the kids hanging out in the (pretty small) shop...