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  1. Burbleflop

    Wired Router with 100mb WAN

    I assume the question has been asked because the OP has (or will have) a 10Mbit ntl/telewest connection.
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    NP: The now playing thread

    Porcupine Tree - Futile
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    Show us your TFT setups!!

    I'll repost in this next weekend, by then I should have the Dell 2407 to go with the pair of 2405's I already have :) The 2407 is going to be used primarily for my Mac, but I let the company buy it for me as I was getting fed up using the 12" TFT on the laptop when working from home.
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    IP address problem

    It is getting a 169.254.x.x address because it can't talk to the DHCP server in the router and grab an IP from there. My guess is that the WEP/WPA key on that particular PC has been fiddled about with. Re-enter the correct key and you should be set to go. Windows is pretty awful at saying...
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    Printer sharing / files take a long time to print

    It isn't clear from your post - are both computers wired to the router? Print jobs can be pretty big so sending them over wireless can be slow resulting in a longish time for printing to start. That said, 50s or so does seem excessively slow.
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    Broadband Activity Errors.

    How large is the large number of errors? Look at it in terms of percentages compared to the total number of packets.
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    Help Installing mplayer

    I doubt it. 'Make' isn't a command reserved for root - normal users are allowed to compile stuff too, but they most likely won't be able to 'make install' because of permissions on the filesystem.
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    Uni house - Network and ISP Suggestions please!

    Gateway = Router, irrespective of what WAN port they have.
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    Bikers Pls: GSXR1000 Vs ZX10R Vs R1

    Gixxer. Awesome machine, simply amazing in a straight line. I don't find my Dad's GSXR1000 as good in the corners as my Blade (or the R1 I used to have) but I really didn't like the ZX10R I rode and as much as I liked the R12, the Gixxer is a better choice.
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    Cisco 857W 54Mbps Wireless 4-Port ADSL Modem/Router...any good?

    The web interface isn't too bad, certainly nowhere near as crap as CRWS was but still no substitute for command line hacking. You'll get a working router with SDM express (or SDM if you install it) but you'll have a lot of unnecessary rubbish in the ACL's which can make it a bit confusing if...
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    Essential OSX Applications?

    I've had a few problems with the jabber connection over the last few days but after looking into it, it is the jabber server that is buggered, not adium.
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    General Email Question

    Exactly what I do. Thunderbird uses the same mail format irrespective of platform so no need to arse about with importing or exporting.
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    How often do you come on OCUK?

    A hell of a lot less than I used to.
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    NT4 installer not finding hard disks

    A 3.5Gb FAT16 partition? :confused: With all the Dell servers I've installed I had to boot from a Dell CD and do an assisted installation. Good luck finding an OpenManage CD that'll let you whack an obsolete OS on the box.
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    Web page hosting problem with Apache

    It sounds like Apache doesn't have read permissions on the new directory.
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    msn display pics???

    Mine is, not a full face pic though, just the left side of my face.
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    Cisco 851 Modem/Router

    The 851 doesn't have a modem in - you'll continue to use your current cable modem.
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    Baffling Remote Desktop Issue

    I've had this on several of my 2K3 boxes. Disable RDP (Right click on My Computer, Properties, Remote, Untick 'Enable Remote Desktop....'). Reboot, then enable it again. No idea why, but every case I've seen (apart from 1 where someone changed the RDP port in the registry to 80 which...
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    The "Refer a friend thread"

    Why not? Because referrals aren't allowed on the forums IIRC.
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    Configuring Cisco Switch

    You're getting errors because those commands aren't valid. If you want to see port status you'd need: show interface (to see all ports) or show interface fa0/1 (to see the status if FA0/1) To open an interface, you'd do: conf t int fa0/1 no sh In effect, you negate the...