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  1. Wang Computer

    Don't Look Up (2021)

    I swear satire used to be more subtle than this. Wasn't bad though.
  2. Wang Computer

    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021, Yas Island - Race 22

    No fan of Lewis, but that was awful. Probably the worst thing I've seen in 30 years of watching F1 after that US GP in the 2000s (discounting injury and death of course).
  3. Wang Computer

    *The Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread*

    It got delivered at 10am on Friday. I forgot to mention that it was a home delivery and not a store collection. I guess I was lucky judging by other people's experiences.
  4. Wang Computer

    *The Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread*

    About 45 minutes ago. How about you?
  5. Wang Computer

    *The Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread*

    You never know, we might get lucky. Just to warn you though - my luck tends to be terrible!
  6. Wang Computer

    *The Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread*

    I ordered through Argos, payment has been taken but no cancellation text yet. I'm worried now.
  7. Wang Computer

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    I think the invite expired. Could someone send\trust email another?
  8. Wang Computer

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Is there a good location to post Dodo codes to get some visitors?
  9. Wang Computer


    Game is infested with cheaters. I won't be playing again. What a sad state of affairs.
  10. Wang Computer

    WWI Centenary, 11th November 2018

    There's a memorial statue on Park Lane dedicated to just that... RIP to all those that fought. I have many ancestors that fought and sometimes died in both world wars.
  11. Wang Computer

    Drill Rap - innocent or guilty?

    Aha, I've been wondered what this genre of music was. I've heard gangs of lads playing it from their phones on the Tube (shortly before I block it out with my noise cancelling headphones). US gangster rap was all the rage when I were a lad and I'll admit that I did listen to it. However, with...
  12. Wang Computer

    100 years of the RAF

    Watched from Green Park on my lunch break. It was actually a fairly impressive display. Even though I've seen the Red Arrows around 30 times, they always give me goosebumps. The park was actually fairly packed full of people shakily filming the aircraft in the wrong aspect ratio on their...
  13. Wang Computer

    Beggars in the UK

    I'll resist making any assertions on the legitimacy of homelessness and its causes in the UK (it's a bit of a powder keg in the current political climate), but what I have noticed many times is clearly organised gangs of professional beggars in and around central London. Groups of people, often...
  14. Wang Computer

    Razors via subscription

    That's awesome. However, perhaps I wasn't as adept as you or potentially have more difficult skin/facial hair. My 'traditional barber' initially recommended the DE razor to me as they sell them directly to customers. After I informed him of my decision to stop buying, he seemed to suggest that...
  15. Wang Computer

    Razors via subscription

    Double-edge shaving is great - it's very cheap and you get a fantastically close shave. However, unless you're some sort of pro with it, there's no such thing a quick shave. You have to take your time and treat it and more of an event, otherwise you end up with some nasty cuts. For that reason...
  16. Wang Computer

    Whatsapp group chat - SJW's strike again

    Stuff like this is making me not want to use the internet any longer.
  17. Wang Computer

    *** Nintendo Switch ***

    I think £20 per year is a bit steep for a few ancient NES games and a cloud saving feature that probably should be included in the cost of the console. There's still no proper virtual console, backing up of saves to a memory card or proper online service with parties/achievements/whatnot. I'm...
  18. Wang Computer

    Has social media been a net positive or negative on the world?

    Negative. - tedious narcissism - end of privacy as we know it - polarising opinions on everything/echo chamber mentality - political and social manipulation - trial by social media (particularly on Twitter) - exposing children to unncessary social pressures/conformism (it’s really bad these...