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  1. Doogles

    Dell S2716DG TN - Is it time to upgrade?

    Bought the Samsung G7 myself and the scan lines and inversion annoyed me, the curve isn't bad when you get use to it, stuttering/flickering with "G-Sync Compatible" is another reason it got returned, they're releasing a 4k/240hz monitor later in the year but wouldn't ever consider it after they...
  2. Doogles

    Would you keep a monitor with a few dead pixels

    I'd return personally, monitors are something you're looking at for a long time so why would you want any distracting imperfections? It'd be awesome if you could get it replaced by Dell for a decent panel while only paying for a refurb unit if possible.
  3. Doogles

    Intel Arc series unveiled with the Alchemist dGPU to arrive in Q1 2022

    If Intel sucks for gaming but amazing at mining hopefully nVidia/AMD cards will be easier to get our hands on.
  4. Doogles

    TSMC winning again + Intel's 4K upscaling tech

    If Intel could make multi-GPU setups work that'd be amazing, at £400 for a 3070 you could buy 3 of them for the price of one 6900XT yet if optimized would be hitting twice the performance! I remember back in the day Crossfire being amazing when it worked the problem was for every game it worked...
  5. Doogles

    Why GPU prices are NOT likely to drop significantly EVER!

    Always add 20% to the US MSRP because of VAT, after currency conversion.
  6. Doogles

    Is anyone planning to buy a RTX 3070 TI (8GB GDDR6X VRAM)?

    If you can find a 3070 FE that is around your price point. (£469)
  7. Doogles

    £1200 for an rx6800xt?!

    If my 1070 died at this point I'd just use my PS4 until stock of a PS5 was about, no way in hell would I pay this much for a GPU unless it was a 3090. RDNA 3 is coming within a 12 months if AMD's roadmap is correct.
  8. Doogles

    ROG Swift PG32UQX mini LED DisplayHDR™ 1400 4k

    Let's be real though if you're paying £1500+ for a TV you shouldn't have to worry about burn in, once you add that cost and still have to keep in mind not to have static images on for too long it's better for some people (me) to go with inferior tech without the worries. If LG really believed...
  9. Doogles

    ROG Swift PG32UQX mini LED DisplayHDR™ 1400 4k

    Takes balls to run a OLED for desktop use, personally ended up with a q80t instead of spending the extra £400-£500 for a CX because of a lack of balls :D
  10. Doogles

    MSI to Hike Graphics Card Pricing, Expects GPU Supply to Remain Tight Throughout 2021

    Bought a new TV instead, at least when I can finally get a new card I'll be able to take full advantage of it.
  11. Doogles

    Graphics card prices?

    If my 1070 died and I didn't have a backup then I'd just use my PS4, no way I'll pay these prices for cards! AMD and nVidia are probably fixing the prices knowing that people will overpay and are purposely holding back cards just to jack up the pricing.
  12. Doogles

    Would you sell a GPU on ebay now?

    Problem with this is console is just as bad, got to overpay for games and online the only good thing is you can sell physical disks still but how long will that last now with digital only editions? You can still get a low end gaming PC with a GTX 1650 for £400 which isn't bad.
  13. Doogles

    So Sick of the GPU situation

    Can't find any 6800 XT at RRP as they all sell out, got one in my basket but it was £900 and stopping myself because it's not a very good model and £200 over what it should be, on the partalert discord with alerts on and that is the closest I've got to yet.
  14. Doogles

    The Radeon RX 6800 (XT) Owners Thread.

    Had a quick Google and see if you can edit a .cfg?
  15. Doogles

    Some thoughts about the RRP prices of Ampere / RDNA 2 gfx cards...

    With how long people are going to have to wait until production picks up and the 3080 having been out since September it'll probably be worth waiting for the next generation before too long, normally it's around 18 months between releases. Annoyingly the RRP is fair on the 6800XT and 3080 IMO.
  16. Doogles

    Anyone just given up on looking for a new GPU?

    At that price a console even with overpriced games and having to pay for online is worth it.
  17. Doogles

    3D printed GPU

    Enjoy your card! Hoping for a 6800XT closer to RRP myself :(
  18. Doogles

    Vega 64 just semi killed itself. Help

    If it just affects the fan header get an adapter that connects to the motherboard and control the fan from one of those PWM fan headers, if you can get it working like that it's probably better than risking doing more damage although it's just my opinion.
  19. Doogles

    The Radeon RX 6800 (XT) Owners Thread.

    Not sure, had some stock alerts from competitors but by the time I get to see my e-mails they're gone, you won't find me overpaying for a card. The RRP on both the 3080 and 6800 XT are fair IMO but that's as far as my budget is going really, if stocks remain this low we might end up waiting for...
  20. Doogles

    NVIDIA ‘Ampere’ 8nm Graphics Cards

    I've been waiting to buy either a 3080 or 6800XT but with no stock in sight what is the point when they've already been out for 3-4 months, might just wait until stock shortages are fixed and get another generation. If it wasn't for the fact that we've seen a huge performance increase this...