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  1. Fuzz

    When are you going fully electric?

    Oh hai guys, long time no see only came on to the shop to get some bits, thought I'd have a browse here, login still works then.. Yea... just gone electric myself, picking it up from Cribbs Causeway on 19th June. Currently I'm tracking it doing 17knots just passing between SriLanka and the...
  2. Fuzz

    Gone cold turkey.... On un-social media

    I think it's an addiction thing more than anything else, nothing to do with the content as such. I deleted everyone I didn't actually know many years ago already, including some I thought I'd never see again, some of them OcUKers, some old school friends I had zero connection with since, not...
  3. Fuzz

    Gone cold turkey.... On un-social media

    I tried keeping the messenger app but when I logged in, it logged me back in to Faceache and undid the deactivation (that's why I asked for full and complete deletion) so maybe after that's gone I can get back on messenger to at least have an avenue to keep in touch without all the added...
  4. Fuzz

    Gone cold turkey.... On un-social media

    I didn't think it would be long before someone drew that analogy I know, I can see the irony in it myself. The problem being is I have drifted unknowingly into using them as actual social media instead of, as Ray has finely pointed out, using them to just create physical interactions. :o
  5. Fuzz

    Gone cold turkey.... On un-social media

    That's it, I'm done. Deleted (as in removed completely, not just deactivated) Faceache back at the beginning of December, removed my Instagram account towards the end of December and now I've just deleted twitter as well. Anyone else just gone cold turkey on the lot of it? It seems to me it has...
  6. Fuzz

    Who else is staying in tonight?

    Just you me and the PC... Oh and a load of annoying fireworks outside somewhere... Here's to a better New year
  7. Fuzz

    How was 2017 for you?

    2017 could have been a whole lot worse but I have gone backwards in life quite dramatically with the way it has unfolded really so I really hope I can pull myself out of the mire I feel in and make 2018 a lot better, physically mentally and financially.
  8. Fuzz

    Help with ip camera software

    I use Eye4 software for mine (very similar camera)
  9. Fuzz

    Do any of your 'IRL' friends know you post here?

    I knew some OcUK people once.... many years ago now, seems a lifetime since I've either interacted here or indeed in the scene with which we met.
  10. Fuzz

    i dont know what to do with my life

    45 and still not grown up and still no real idea... :o I am what you might call "of limited skillset" great with my hands and highly logical but the brains of a Turkey. So in answer to the OP, what are you good at... Make a career from it and make life a lot easier.
  11. Fuzz

    Where is democracy heading..

    I'm not intelligent enough to put that point across well :( OK how about a 20 minute TED talk where he says similar things with less expansion of reason and meaning.
  12. Fuzz

    Where is democracy heading..

    This exact point is very well covered by the third speaker mark at 1hr 16 mins in...
  13. Fuzz

    Where is democracy heading..

    Is that part of the problem though billy, with todays instant gratification society.... If you can't get an answer in five or so minutes, people lose interest in it. I think it is worth the watch.
  14. Fuzz

    Where is democracy heading..

    Varoufakis actually approaches this very comment in his speech. 24 mins 38 seconds in..
  15. Fuzz

    Where is democracy heading..

    You can cut it into slightly less than 1 sections if you have limited time Varoufakis starts his speech at 11 mins in and finishes at 1 hr 2 mins Young woman takes over then and not as easy to listen to but that's only 14 mins long starting 1hr 03 mins
  16. Fuzz

    Where is democracy heading..

    I don't know what the questions would be though. Varoufakis talks to some degree on the old Greek Isigoria system of democracy (In ancient Athens Isigoria was achieved by taking unparalleled (and often coercive steps to ensure that no kind of power structure biased the citizens’ Assembly in...
  17. Fuzz

    Where is democracy heading..

    It's quite broadly both I feel.
  18. Fuzz

    "Swatting" incident ends in death

    Was this the guy I mentioned in the latter section of my very comment you quoted, or is this another shooting I've not heard of.
  19. Fuzz

    Where is democracy heading..

    Where are we heading in the UK.. How about a 2 hr talk on the subject to start. Fascinating speakers. I wish there was more of this stuff accessible to us than seems "searchable" ihVcrnFag1s Lets try this.. Media tags... Thanks Rroff, bleddy forums, haven't been...