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  1. apatia77

    What film did you watch last night?

    Went to see Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness last night in a private screening in London. I am lost for words how bad it actually was. 2/10.
  2. apatia77

    Dying Light 2 - December 7th

    Have played for about 5-7h and I have mixed feelings, as far as I remember Dying Light was a decent and fun game (as I completed it), I will try and complete at least the main story. The game also looks bad on PS5, definitely not next gen.
  3. apatia77

    *** Elden Ring ***

    Finally completed, had to use tons of guides etc, nothing new in for me in FromSoftware games. I feel like there are too many cheap bosses with 1 shot mechanics, so in order for me to beat them I had to use cheap tactics such as spirit summons etc. I feel like my strength build while effective...
  4. apatia77

    *** Elden Ring ***

    Overwhelmed with everything so far, so many routes to take, so many areas to explore, so many ways to end up in the wrong place :D
  5. apatia77

    How long is your commute/Drive to work

    9-11miles, depending which route I go, takes about 25-35min depending on traffic.
  6. apatia77

    *** Elden Ring ***

    How would you rate the difficulty of the game compared to FROMSOFTWARE previous games?
  7. apatia77

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    Are there still queues to enter the game? I want to play the game but I don't want to queue for hours to enter the game, few minutes is acceptable.
  8. apatia77

    *** Elden Ring ***

    Seeing that the PC port is bad I am in no rush to play it, will wait a bit and buy PS5 version instead. When they ported Dark Souls 1 onto PC it was only running in like 720p, but there was an unofficial fix really soon after that fixed the low resolution issue.
  9. apatia77

    *** Elden Ring ***

    The PC frame rate drops look super bad, I bet this is to do with DRM. I remember playing the demo on PS4 and it seems to run rather smoothly considering it's only PS4.
  10. apatia77

    *** Cyberpunk 2077 ***

    Amazing deal and great game now that most issues have been sorted out.
  11. apatia77

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    I think I'm gonna wait a month or two before playing.
  12. apatia77

    Lost Ark EU - !!

    So if the queues are bad now imagine what will happen from Friday :D
  13. apatia77

    Anyone else hates steam sales these days?

    Last time I checked Steam during sale I was like, wth is this, I couldn't find anything so just closed Steam.
  14. apatia77

    Gommora is the greatest TV show you've never heard of

    Looking forward to watching Season 5. One of the best TV shows ever.
  15. apatia77

    What's your personal GOAT ? (Game of all time)

    GTA 5 for me although it's hard to chose just one game.
  16. apatia77

    What TV shows are you currently watching

    Raised by Wolves, this is some proper Sci-fi tv show. Only watched 4 episodes so far and loved everything so far.
  17. apatia77

    Dexter: New Blood

    To be honest it wasn't very good, I did watch it all as I really liked the original back in the days. I would rate it 5/10 and only because I liked the original.
  18. apatia77

    What PC games are you playing?

    Dead Cells, this game is so much fun.
  19. apatia77

    God of War

    One of the best games I have ever played, the story telling in this game is just so good. I only played on PS4 and then PS5. This game is a true AAA title and can only be matched by the best titles such as RDR2, GTA5 etc.
  20. apatia77

    What TV shows are you currently watching

    I am currently watching The Witcher S2, it's a great show but a bit complicated, very easy to lose track of what is going on, and different timelines in S1 made things very confusing as well.