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  1. Tanin'iver

    Enable HDR confusion

    I'm afraid not sorry :( Either putting up with it or not leaving HDR turned on in this way.
  2. Tanin'iver

    Mouse Moving On It's Own

    Is it a desktop PC or a laptop? If a laptop, does it have one of these in the middle of the keyboard? And when the cursor moves on its own, does it move randomly, or drift to one corner of the screen?
  3. Tanin'iver

    CPU at 70 degrees c on startup

    Look around some more on these forums, you will find other threads with people reporting the same thing - don't listen to the people telling you it's a fault. I've got a 5950X and observe similar things, with a 360 AIO cooler. After finishing building the system I was so surprised at the...
  4. Tanin'iver

    New PC Installed OS on wrong drive

    Personally I always disconnect all drives except the one I'm installing Windows on during installation. Not because of the possibility of installing to the wrong place, but because Windows seems to do strange things, touching drives it shouldn't. I had an installation years ago, Windows 7...
  5. Tanin'iver

    Is my GPU DEAD?

    Chances are it may indeed be dead, sorry. I had a similar issue with a Radeon X800 many years ago. My system developed a problem where it would BSOD part way through boot. I re-installed Windows and all seemed fine, until I put the GPU driver on - then the problem returned. Much troubleshooting...
  6. Tanin'iver

    copying files to disk (best practice?)

    Is the destination drive SSD or mechanical? If it's mechanical and you are doing this in Windows, definitely do one at a time - the performance will absolutely tank, the destination disk will thrash about seeking constantly as Windows tries to get it to do several different writes...
  7. Tanin'iver

    Bizarre disk detection issue

    Yikes! Thanks for letting us know anyway, one to watch out for. I don't think I'd use the storage spaces feature personally!
  8. Tanin'iver

    Bizarre disk detection issue

    I thought that too after I made my previous post - clearing the CMOS or maybe even flashing the BIOS entirely, or just check if it has some feature to force it to re-detect connected SATA devices.
  9. Tanin'iver

    Bizarre disk detection issue

    That is a bizarre one indeed... Erm... not much I can think of to try, but how about... do they show up anything in the diskpart command line tool? If you boot the PC from a live environment (either Windows or Linux) do they show up and work there?
  10. Tanin'iver

    Phantek T30 - one fan to rule them all?

    I don't care if a fan is 25mm or 30mm, both will fit for me. If you feel it's unfair to compare the two, fair enough - find a review with only 30mm fans or ignore the rest of the fans in the comparison that are not 30mm. Personally I don't mind the comparison, since it's useful to me to know if...
  11. Tanin'iver

    Phantek T30 - one fan to rule them all?

    They do look pretty good from those review numbers, though in terms of airflow/noise performance they aren't a huge step up from the Corsair ML120 I'm using right now. I think they are a bit expensive just to upgrade to when I've already got my current ones, but I'll certainly consider them in...
  12. Tanin'iver

    Static 'Crack' sound

    Not sure what would be causing it, but you could try something to narrow down if it's hardware or software. Set your sound recording device in Windows to be "stereo mix" or whatever your particular system uses to refer to the sound being output by the PC itself. Test that's working by playing...
  13. Tanin'iver

    Why Does Ryzen Master cause my Monitor to flicker??

    Are you using g-sync? If so, use the nVidia control panel, add a profile for this application, set the refresh technology for fixed refresh instead of adaptive - then tell us if it stops.
  14. Tanin'iver

    Hard Drive advice pls

    ? It's £90, the other two are both £80. Still not a bad recommendation though!
  15. Tanin'iver

    What is the best way to clean fans?

    Depends how thorough you want to be. A blast with compressed air duster will get really thick dust off. If you want them cleaner than that, personally I carefully wipe both side of each fan blade with a soft cloth to remove the dust that sticks to their surface.
  16. Tanin'iver

    Sound card query

    Confirmed - I've got one of those cards too, and I tested vs. the onboard audio using Rightmark audio analyser - sound card wins. Motherboard audio has improved over the past few years, but still isn't as good as a high quality sound card like this. I guess motherboard audio now could be...
  17. Tanin'iver

    Airflow management and AIO installation dilemma

    I couldn't hear the noise in that video, but if you suspect air trapped, tilt the case, shake it around, turn it on it's side, whatever until it's sorted. RE: The airflow figures, there is an error in your calculations - those numbers assume the fan is running at 100% speed, I guess you won't...
  18. Tanin'iver

    How long do you all keep your monitors?

    Depends heavily on the pace of technology improvements and if there is anything worthwhile to upgrade to. I remember there was a lull for quite a long while with almost nothing significant coming out in terms of higher refresh rate, resolution, colour depth etc... for several years - 1080p 60...
  19. Tanin'iver

    New PC restarting

    Given that you tested with 100% CPU load and no restart, but gaming causes a restart, that seems to point to the graphics card. Have you stress tested that? Try Heaven or Valley benchmarks, or 3DMark.
  20. Tanin'iver

    HDR or contrast ratio

    You are right, they are almost identical in terms of specs: As far as I can see, the differences are: The 38WN95C-W has USB-C (Thunderbolt 3) input as well as the DisplayPort/HDMI available...