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    RTX 3050 - starting at $249 (msrp)

    Nothing here, was hoping to grab one for my girlfriends kid. He's been stuck on a 1030 for a few months now after his card died.
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    Cheap gaming pc for 8yo

    Cheers mate, this is awesome. Thank you.
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    Cheap gaming pc for 8yo

    Yes he does, it's a decent little 1080p thing that would probably be ok.
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    Cheap gaming pc for 8yo

    Thanks for the reply. I have an old R9 290 lying around but that's it at the moment. I could include that but one of the blades snapped off one of the fans so I would have to repair that. As for monitor/keyboard etc, yes. I would unfortunately need these too. I have a couple of Windows keys...
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    Cheap gaming pc for 8yo

    Hi all, My girlfriends kid has been playing games on my PC and I would really like to pick him up his own but don't want to spend too much on it. I wouldn't like to build anything crazy as it will be his first PC but was hoping you could point me in the right general direction of a PC that...
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    Should I buy a 1070ti right now?

    It will be within the month (next payday xD) Fair point, I've not bought a new card since the 390 though, it's always done me well. I've waited a while for this upgrade waiting for prices to drop and it really feels like we're starting to see that happen, I'm just fed up of waiting.
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    Should I buy a 1070ti right now?

    Hi all, I have been looking at this GPU on the OcUK website and it has caught my eye. I am currently using an XFX 8GB 390 (the one everyone bought) and was wondering if it's worth the purchase. I am currently running at 1080p/60fps but will be moving to 1440p/122/144hz in the near future. Is...
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    New FTB Modded Minecraft server Beyond

    Ooh, been looking for a decent FTB server for a while, username is Prankster182. Thank ya muchly
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    Destiny 2... It's a coming!

    Seems the OcUK clan is full, are inactives kicked? is it worth holding on for a spot or should I just jump in a random clan?
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    Fifa 2018

    Is anyone else having issues with the 10 hour trial? Trying to play coop seasons last night and when it was loading in (the bit where you get a player to take shots at goal) we both kept getting no players and it would just lock up and we had to alt+f4 out. The same thing just happened during...
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    Are earnings too low / living costs getting too high??

    Living in the north has it's advantages. I work as a data analyst and earn just a bit less than the national average, my wife isn't working at the moment, I have a 2 year old child, reasonable house, modern car, all the amenities including 200mb internet and still manage to eat out 2-3 times a...
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    What are the 30 year old plus gamers playing?

    30 here, currently sinking my time into Rocket league and the division on PC and Final fantasy 15 on ps4. Here are my results from the reaction time test
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    I've not read the whole thread but personally for me I never really considered death before my daughter was born, yeah I was aware of death but it's just not something that crossed my mind. Now though, I think about it pretty regularly, she's only 2 at the moment and even though she's been my...
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    I've just picked this up and I'm having a blast with it but I can't help but think that it would be so much better with a premade group. I'm not the best but I've played 15 matches so far and won 12, maybe because I have around 500 hours in TF2. If anyone feels like adding me, I'm always...
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    Do you kiss your child on the lips?

    It's only weird when you use your tongue
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    Is Angus Higgins still here?

    Wow, I can't believe that his antics were plaguing the forum 9 years ago, that makes me feel old, I would have said 4-5 years ago at the most.
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    Overwatch in Counter Strike GO seems like a good solution, anyone that is good enough at the game and has put in enough time can review cases, Cases are replays of games where a person has been reported for cheating, they get send to random people and if enough of them come back as detected...
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    CS:GO Discussion

    Running everything as high as it will go I get a solid 300 fps, It's not a hard game to run at all, I don't understand the lower settings bunch.
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    CS:GO Discussion

    No thanks, to be fair I would rather not play at all than play on low settings
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    CS:GO Discussion

    I've had nothing but crashes since I bought the operation (no error messages, just black screen then desktop), I've given up for now, Kinda sucks that I paid £4 to make my game crash all the time.