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  1. Ocean Breeze

    Why are retailers charging so much over rrp.

    Plenty of stock around. No real problem if you have a lot of disposable money.
  2. Ocean Breeze

    The Post-Brexit Thread

    Brexit isn't over by any means. We've got 15 years of this now until we come full circle and everybody has re-joined again haha
  3. Ocean Breeze

    US Presidential Election 2020 - Trump vs Biden

    Can’t wait for that orange clown to be kicked into touch.
  4. Ocean Breeze

    Tinnitus who suffers from it

    Best thing to do is go for a long walk outside. That will help get rid of any anxiety it is causing and might quiet it down a bit. Don’t sit indoors focusing on it. Another go to thing for me is a warm bath, head fully submerged and then listen to music afterwards with headphones. I can usually...
  5. Ocean Breeze

    US Presidential Election 2020 - Trump vs Biden

    Trump is screwed. Turnout numbers are in the stratosphere.
  6. Ocean Breeze

    16 to 34 year olds in the UK watch 46 minutes of YouTube per day.

    Youtube and Netflix is all I watch and I’m 40. Only watch BBC news and HIGNFY on TV.
  7. Ocean Breeze

    Trading the stockmarket (NO Referrals)

    Bought some Sony and Pinterest.
  8. Ocean Breeze

    **** Official Microsoft Flight Simulator Thread ****

    Buy game on day one expect trouble.
  9. Ocean Breeze

    The salary question?

    People who obsess over money. Oh dear..
  10. Ocean Breeze

    E-Scooter discussion after fatal collision

    Motors mean nothing. You can go 30mph on a road bike, faster than an e-scooter and easily kill someone if you hit them. Weight and velocity is what matters not whether you have a motor or not.
  11. Ocean Breeze

    E-Scooter discussion after fatal collision

    The usual let’s turn bikes and scooters into cars.. Bikes have been around for hundreds of years and you still don’t need any of that haha. Cars are finished in cities. They are gradually being blocked out. Bikes and e-scooters will have all the roads to themselves..
  12. Ocean Breeze

    I miss how gaming made me feel

    I’m 40 and play Rainbow Six Siege everyday and this is after a full days work. Currently in gold rank. Love it. Keeps my brain and reactions sharp. I’m very much a lone wolf and just play with random people. I don’t like single player games they lack excitement and competition.
  13. Ocean Breeze

    Is anyone else done wearing jeans in public?

    You can get stretchy jeans. I wear Wrangler stretch ones all the time and they are very comfortable. I would never wear tracksuit bottoms, not unless I want to look like a chav.
  14. Ocean Breeze

    *The Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread*

    Definitely one to hide behind the television.
  15. Ocean Breeze

    *The Official PlayStation 5 (PS5) Thread*

    The main factor is going to be how loud it is. Looks wise it’s not good. They should have gone with a more portal-esque design, more alien. Instead they went for something that looks like it’s come from the year 2000’s.
  16. Ocean Breeze

    How do you manage being managed out?

    Either fight them hard with union etc or just leave with your head held high. Don’t let them sack you.
  17. Ocean Breeze

    I need a new Shooter

    The best shooter of all in my opinion is Rainbow Six Siege but it’s not massive multiplayer..
  18. Ocean Breeze

    PC Gaming Dead?

    PC forever. Consoles can’t provide those lush graphics and frame rates.
  19. Ocean Breeze

    upcoming games out this year

    Microsoft Flight Simulator Cyberpunk 2077 Doom Eternal
  20. Ocean Breeze

    Brexit Discussion - The new thread

    There’s a big difference between picking grapes in the south of France and picking turnips in cold muddy field in England haha.