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  1. jon.bda

    Anyone know anything about vans?

    Man with a van who comes to our place has always been a Merc guy but has nothing but praise for his VW Crafter...says he can squeeze more in one than a lwb Sprinter as well... :)
  2. jon.bda

    *** Show us your Dogs ***

    Thought i recognised Io from another forum! :)
  3. jon.bda

    *** Show us your Dogs ***

    View My Video Our boy Kiyo :)
  4. jon.bda

    *** Show us your Dogs ***

    Show Me Your Puppies! After what has seemed like an eternity, we now have another pooch in the house. I'll show you mine if you show me yours... :)
  5. jon.bda

    Best sounding bike?

    How come no mention? :D
  6. jon.bda

    Piaa silicone wipers?

    Its been a while OcUK, but i'm back in motors and it feels like a comfy old pair of slippers... :D
  7. jon.bda

    Bikers Youtube thread

    Love it! :D
  8. jon.bda

    German MotoGP 2014 Slo-Mo footage. Awesome.

    If that was Marquez, his front wheel would be halfway up the kerbs whilst doing it, not on the track! :D
  9. jon.bda

    MotoGP 2014 Season

    But without Sky Sports you can't see BSB/WSBK in all its bloody wonder i'm skint!!! :D
  10. jon.bda

    MotoGP 2014 Season

    Can't wait for it to kick off again...gonna be painful watching Cal wobbling about on the Ducati mind :(. Fingers crossed Gigi Dall’Igna can get them going in the right direction... :)
  11. jon.bda

    54 plate corsa - wet drivers footwell

    Not a bad job, its just a lot of it is done with you buried in the footwell on your head i seem to recall!!! :D
  12. jon.bda

    54 plate corsa - wet drivers footwell

    Have taken them out, cleaned all the gloop off and re-sealed them before now to good effect. As for the price at Vauxhall, iirc they replace the whole thing (as mentioned above) because the 'seal' itself isn't available seperately...and its a PITA job... :)
  13. jon.bda

    Help me identify a bolt :)
  14. jon.bda

    Ford Focus - ESP System Fault

    As posted way up the thread, bba reman are the people, but find a garage who knows what they are talking about to do the work... :)
  15. jon.bda

    Group B?

    What a lovely pair!!! :D
  16. jon.bda

    Good choice of a car?

    Pay a couple of hundred quid to get the KA through an mot and then worry about least you can flog it if you want to get something newer at a later date...
  17. jon.bda

    New brake pads are spongy

    Not bled right or the piston not located on the pad properly...
  18. jon.bda

    2pc leathers - central zip has broken. Options?

    Last jacket i got repaired was at a shop that was a wedding dress the orange one says, 'cheap as chips' :D
  19. jon.bda

    MotoGP 2013

    Will it be Crescent again?
  20. jon.bda

    MotoGP 2013

    Great day for the Brits, Cal continues to put himself in the frame for a top ride next year and Scott was just awesome... :)