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  1. skylineboy

    The Battlefield 4 Thread 2015

    This game still active server wise?
  2. skylineboy

    Holiday somewhere warm at the end of September?

    What about Egypt? Nile cruise perhaps. Plenty to see and do in various locations along the Nile and the country is pretty cheap for eating in general. Lots of variety if you’re into diving or historical sites.
  3. skylineboy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Mine has been consistently around 20seconds on my NVME.
  4. skylineboy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Anyone else encountered floating deer? Was hunting earlier today and the moment the rest of the deer scattered, the deer fell from the sky and trotted off.
  5. skylineboy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Ah of course. Thanks. It loaded into story immediately just now so goodness knows!
  6. skylineboy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    I had “exited unexpectedly” today several times today. I then tried to load the online and found I could switch back into story mode and was finally able to launch without problems. yesterday, after the ‘phantom’ update (no way it downloaded that quick!) I was good and had zero issues. I’m...
  7. skylineboy

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Very excited decrypt this when I get home. Left it downloading overnight. Going to be a long day at work!
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    Grammar question

    This made me laugh way too much after a day of teaching.
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    ***Official GTAV PC Thread*** [Important warning updated in the OP]

    I've had ridiculous amounts of crashes which have been introduced since the launcher update. Before that, it has been rock solid. A shame really as I'm really starting to get back into this. Yeah, it came pretty quickly and went out on a MC business upgrade about as quickly. Can't complain, my...
  10. skylineboy

    Anyone jumped to the Middle East?

    Glad it’s going well. The weirdest thing for me was the week starting on Sunday’s. It meant every time I looked at the timetable on a Monday I got it wrong for a few weeks! Also, Fridays here were eerily quiet initially. Not sure if it will be the same there though.
  11. skylineboy

    Anyone jumped to the Middle East?

    Good luck! I moved to Egypt as I grew fed up of the Primary system in the uk. I’m now in my 6th year here and loving it. More Money and low cost of living certainly help and have moved into a Head of Computing role. They do really struggle to find candidates for positions sometimes. The media...
  12. skylineboy

    Witcher 3 or Skyrim.....

    I loved Witcher 3 and graphically I’m more inclined towards replaying it and completing the quests based on the maxed settings. Everything is beautiful. I loved Skyrim but it took a decent amount of modding before it really grabbed me.
  13. skylineboy

    Honeymoon planning

    Hi all, The Mrs-to-be has told me she really wants to go to Bali for the honeymoon. I’m all for it! Any suggestions, experiences or good companies you have experience of? Budget isn’t endless, but as yet not decided. The plan is to travel early/ mid July next year. Thanks, Alex
  14. skylineboy

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    I haven’t played this for about two months or so. Finished the main game and was working through the Witcher gear alongside the dlc. Tempted to NG+ in the summer though.
  15. skylineboy

    Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order (Respawn Entertainment)

    No preorder from me. I like Respawn however so I’ll keep some hopes alive. Force unleashed wasn’t bad in my opinion, so we’ll see. Shame BioWare have **** the bed with Anthem. They used to be my preferred developer. I want another RPG though, similar to KOTOR. Only so many times I can play...
  16. skylineboy

    The Division 2 - March 2019

    I’ve started to get to that stage as well turns out, I just needed to choose better from my stash of weapons.
  17. skylineboy

    The Division 2 - March 2019

    I’ve not had that problem. I’m typically running 60fps but getting severe drops to 17fps at random points. Then it flicks back to 60fps solid. CPU and GPU never go above 80% with the 8086k @5.1 seeing much lower usage.
  18. skylineboy

    The Division 2 - March 2019

    Only played for an hour and a half this evening. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It has been a shambles for me the last couple of days but it appears my line was being “upgraded”. Still poor connection to host server constantly from Egypt but definitely playable. This might be the last game I buy for...
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    Project: Dave

    I love this!
  20. skylineboy

    Bioware's Anthem

    I levelled to 20 this evening and received two purples. Yep those titans are often painful at times. For me it’s the fire waves more than anything that catch me out as a Storm. I tried Interceptor but it’s not for me right now. I can see how playing with a decent group would help an interceptor...