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  1. MooMoo444

    Spanish Grand Prix 2022, Barcelona - Race 6

    Reliability from both top teams killed any excitement here. Feels bad.
  2. MooMoo444

    Star Trek : Strange New Worlds

    That episode did seem a bit filler to be honest... but I suppose not every episode can have good action sequences.
  3. MooMoo444

    Biennial MOT tests

    What a load of swash. German manufacturers are regularly in the bottom tiers for reliability.
  4. MooMoo444

    Biennial MOT tests

    I mean, obviously it would be a benefit to road safety, but since the aim is reducing costs, where does doubling the effective MOT costs come into it?
  5. MooMoo444

    Takeaway / fast food general discussion

    Prices and food quality aside - anyone really having bad luck with delivery apps? It feels like, every third order is a complete shambles with something missing, wrongly prepared, or receiving someone elses order entirely?
  6. MooMoo444

    Star Trek : Strange New Worlds

    Must say, did enjoy the design of the alien ship. Too often in star trek is it just 'the same...but slightly different'.
  7. MooMoo444

    Max Payne 1 & 2 Remake coming from Remedy & Rockstar

    Max Pass more like, make new games, remakes are zz.
  8. MooMoo444

    Star Trek : Strange New Worlds

    Seemed fine on mine unless that's some early early shot that got fixed.
  9. MooMoo444

    Did I just go through a redlight?

    You're halfway through the junction before it even goes red.
  10. MooMoo444

    Halo (TV Series)

    Cheesy romance plot detected.. oh no :(
  11. MooMoo444

    Is Russell in a no-win situation?

    As innovative as no sidepods was - it was probably a bit too much. They'll be kicking themselves if the sidepods help balance the car.
  12. MooMoo444

    Guy asks girl out at work, twitter kicks off...

    This one made me chuckle. I honestly don't see the issue. I felt the email was somewhat cute if anything.
  13. MooMoo444

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

    I felt they captured the 'weird' aspect of the Multiverse well. Felt weaker than the first Doctor Strange film though.
  14. MooMoo444

    Doctor Who

    Aged like milk :D
  15. MooMoo444

    *** GPU Hierarchy ***

    This would be nice as a sticky.
  16. MooMoo444

    It's too hot :(

    It's too hot :mad:
  17. MooMoo444

    Star Trek : Strange New Worlds

    I think it might have been the Aenar we saw right at the end. He's listed on the main cast, but wasn't mentioned in the ep.
  18. MooMoo444

    Is my work colleague flirting with me?

    A girl is talking to you, clearly she wants you to fertilize her.
  19. MooMoo444

    Halo (TV Series)

    Welp, episode 7 is the worst one yet.
  20. MooMoo444

    Halo (TV Series)

    I really hope they don't write her into Season 2. Nothing against the actor at all, but the character and her storyline are just not interesting in the slightest. Everytime she speaks it's just like "but muh madrigal!" Aint nobody watching Halo except because they like Halo itself, Master Chief...