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    Should I buy a £3000 GPU or ...

    :D Very good
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    Things to do when built your new PC

    Absolutely this. Get the component choices right in the first place - we can certainly help with that. Once you've got that bit right then you can decide on benchmarks/tests/settings etc to get it running as it should. Doing it the other way around (buying stuff and then deciding on...
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    Ashes of creation.

    On paper it does look very good, been following progress for a while now. Having said that I'm going to wait until after release and see how the game is (and more importantly, how the player base matures) before committing. I dunno though - feels like MMOs like this have had their day in the sun.
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    CPU -1 centigrade

    Check temps in BIOS and if fine, uninstall the software generating the warning as suggested above. Download HWmonitor if you want to check temps from within windows.
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    Bought it yesterday and played for about an hour. Little bit confusing at first but it seems to do a good job of being just intuitive enough for me to muddle through. I'm intrigued enough to keep at it, got a feeling this will grow on me.
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    Mirra 2 Opinions

    Took me a week or so to get used to it. Plenty of adjustment and the recline feature is great and unlike any other chair I've sat in. I have an issue with my lower back and the Mirra is the only chair I can sit in for extended periods without back pain. Keeps you in the correct posture, and for...
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    We use a similar mod and when we died our armour was on the floor next to the gravestone - lucky we died in the plains tbh as we might not have seen it in the swamps
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    Post your dad music in this thre

    My kids were brought up on 'Dad music'
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    Yes, and we always take supplies for a portal, bed, workbench, spare armour etc with us and build a forward base just outside of the swamp, to avoid the soul-crushing naked corpse runs. We're farming the plains now though and we've both agreed the swamps is our least favourite biome, with the...
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    There's a body recovery squad that will jump on your server and help retrieve your stuff for free. Not had to use them yet but I think it's a fantastic idea -
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    O11 Dynamic Mini Vertical GPU Mount

    The overclockers staff don't run these forums and rarely visit. If you're after product updates you'd be better off asking in the customer service section. You'll get an answer, but bear in mind they're usually busy so it may take a day or two before you get a reply.
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    A good way of creating additional support structures higher up is to raise a small, circular section of ground up as high as you can then place wooden supports into the raised area - they'll all be blue so can support as if they're on the ground. I've done this in one of my larger buildings and...
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    An unintended benefit of a rampaging troll we've found is copper vein mining, and tree felling...
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    Spent waaay too long building a pointless spiral staircase :D [/spoiler]
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    Trolls have a weak spot at the armpits, aim there. The digging is a little bugged but you can make that work for you. If you walk right up to a sheer face and use the pickaxe it will (mostly) raise the ground up a little as you mine away the rock face. Rinse and repeat and you'll eventually...
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    What's the best driving games these days ?

    Fantastic, thanks.
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    We've now killed the 3rd boss, was a good step up in difficulty from the 2nd. We flattened the land around his summoning altar to avoid having to run through water, made it a touch easier
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    What's the best driving games these days ?

    This looks gobsmackingly good. I tried installing SOL and CSP a short while ago but couldn't get the rain working at all and a lot of textures disappeared altogether leaving blank surfaces. Don't suppose there's a link to some easy to follow instructions you could point me to? I'd love to get...
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    Dated PC (Bought here many moons ago) looking at what to upgrade for Warzone

    I'd be interested in knowing the make/model of power supply he's using. A 770 to a 2070 is a fair jump in power draw and if the PSU is as old as the rest of the system is likely struggling now, never mind having the juice to power further upgrades.