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  1. foz2000

    Sky Friends and Family deal thread!

    Hi @MissChief I am looking for a discount code for the TV (in two rooms) & Broadband, full package apart from Movies if possible. Would you be able to assist?
  2. foz2000

    It's so close still, but who will win it?

    I think it will end up: Spurs Leicester Man City Arsenal
  3. foz2000

    The 2014-15 Betting Thread *Spoilers*

    Brilliant win mate
  4. foz2000

    Club Membership/Season Pass/ ?Twitter for tickets

    Just one ticket per red membership. Renewals are at the beginning of every season. The reason people use Twitter to purchase a ticket or two is that when you factor in the extra for the red membership than it can cost more directly from Arsenal. Some People on Twitter sell at face value...
  5. foz2000

    **NEW Premier League Last Man Standing (Edition XXX, Round 1)**

    Southampton for me in round two please
  6. foz2000

    Friday night FOOTBALL!!!!! (2016/17-2018/19 TV rights)

    I remember when Arsenal played Newcastle in the Premier League on a Friday night at Highbury (it ended 3-2 to Arsenal). It was a good night but I remember meeting up with some Newcastle fans who complained of the journey on a Friday, probably didn't help that they lost.
  7. foz2000

    Greenlizard0 Weekend Football Thread ** spoilers ** [5th - 9th December 2014]

    The last time Cazorla scored was the free kick in the f.a cup final iirc.
  8. foz2000

    The 2014-15 Betting Thread *Spoilers*

    I'm in there and there's a few good tips. I'm around £400 up this week just by using going with a couple of Scott's and some of my own corner bets. It's good that the group of people who are in there are a good bunch.
  9. foz2000

    The 2014-15 Betting Thread *Spoilers*

    William hill (433 mobile app) have a free play for £25,000 every week.
  10. foz2000

    Parking Near Wembley

    I was wondering about where to park that's close to wembley this sunday? I have thought about parking at Harrow & Wealdstone station and catching the train to wembley central. I will be coming from Welwyn. Any other suggestions?