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  1. Bantu

    Sofa Gaming

    Hi all, Since my gaming space is now the kids space, all PC gaming is relegated to the living room! Been making do with a wireless keyboard and mouse, but am looking to improve comfort.. anyone have any recommendation on lapdesks/lapboards? Not that keen on getting the corsair one as it don't...
  2. Bantu


    "Anti-mining proof". Sounds about right..
  3. Bantu

    Next Graphics Card Drop for OCUK.. !

    people are asshats. that is all.
  4. Bantu

    Next Graphics Card Drop for OCUK.. !

    You're right of course, but it's just more than i would personally pay. I accept there are plenty who want to and good on them!
  5. Bantu

    Next Graphics Card Drop for OCUK.. !

  6. Bantu

    Next Graphics Card Drop for OCUK.. !

    6900xt too.. though I think if I spent that much on a card I would get that gibbo special from the family
  7. Bantu

    Next Graphics Card Drop for OCUK.. !

    dang missed that. Were there any 6800xt n offer?
  8. Bantu

    6700 XT Owners Thread

    Looks like some of the Sapphire 6700XT are on sale: Edit: Never mind.. went from 10+ in stock to.. out of stock within a minute
  9. Bantu

    6800xt "midnight Black" edition

    way too much work and puts all the effort on OCUK to enforce, which is really unfair imo.
  10. Bantu

    UPS Delivery and "Clearing in Progress"

    Probably not the right forum.. but just wanted to see if anyone has recently ordered anything direct from Noctua. I applied for the free AMD mounting kit for my heatsink and they shipped it around 3 weeks ago, but on the UPS website it still says "Clearance In Progress". Of course i tried to...
  11. Bantu

    6800xt "midnight Black" edition

    That's really a shame. I was really hoping to snag a 6800XT this side of christmas 2021.
  12. Bantu

    iChill 1080 fans gone wrong

    Just going to chime in to say the fans will ideally get plugged into the card, not the motherboard. So look where the existing heatsink is plugged in
  13. Bantu


    Also errors like everyone else. so looks like you're succesfully keeping out the riff raff ;)
  14. Bantu

    R6 case, H100 cooler and P8Z68V PRO Gen 3 build question

    Yea, i suspect most mortherboards will give an error if they can't detect a fan plugged into the CPU Fan slot. By plugging the H100 into the CPU slot the software can adjust the fan speed as your CPU temperature changes.
  15. Bantu

    Motherboard to match 3700x

    thanks all. i went even more old school and got the B450 Tomahawk. it doesn't have all the features needed. but is cheap!
  16. Bantu

    Motherboard to match 3700x

    Hi, Have recently decided to make the jump from my i5-6600k to a Ryzen 3700x. Wondering what mobo/chipset to pair it with... I'm thinking of B550: but wondering if there are any quality of...
  17. Bantu

    Vinyl Stickers

    thanks everyone. i'll have a go and let you know the success or disaster. incidentally i was hoping that using vinyl would make it easier to take off/ clean with some alcohol/lighter fluid in future, but maybe that's a pipedream. got to get the case first anyway.
  18. Bantu

    Vinyl Stickers

    thanks for the advice.. anything better you can suggest? short of spraypainting it!
  19. Bantu

    Vinyl Stickers

    Hi, Hoping someone here can advise as i've never stuck stickers on cases before. I'm looking to downsize and tempted by the Define 7 Compact in White, which is perfect aside from the brushed aluminium front.. i was thinking to buy a sheet of sticky glossy white vynil sticker to cover the...
  20. Bantu

    Fractal Meshify C low hum

    Are the drive cages in the Meshify also on rubber grommets like on the R5? It could be that you tightened it too much, that was an issue i had. Alternatively it could be the place where the cage itself screws on to the case that needs a bit of adjustment. I'm like you and can't stand erroneous...