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  1. llamadal

    *** Elden Ring ***

    Prob means ds1, which was crap but luckily the community fixed it. All others since have been pretty decent.
  2. llamadal

    what motherboard did you buy for your alderlake cpu.

    My stuff turned up today(not from ocuk) CPU missing/stolen, mobo opened and handled by someone with greasy sausage fingers, wrong ram lol.
  3. llamadal

    Microsoft buying Activision (World of Warcraft, Call of Duty etc)

    I've not tried windows store for a while, it was awful for gow, sea of thieves so gave up but great if it's much better now. Can you play other people if they are on steam or does everyone have to be on windows store?
  4. llamadal

    *** Elden Ring ***

    Looks amazing, very excited for this.
  5. llamadal

    12900k / z690: tech lust!

    Hoping to pick up a good deal on the current gen, the pricing on the new kit is ridiculous.
  6. llamadal

    Path of Exile(diablo clone)

    Excited for poe again.
  7. llamadal

    Demon Souls PS5 Beginners Thread

    My friend was struggling a bit, so jumped on his account for 30 mins farming 4-4 - nuke the group in a few seconds by the spawn point and then reset, don't bother chasing the flappys that go to the corners of the map. Very easy and little risk.
  8. llamadal

    New World MMO

    Hope they change combat, zero heft/feel to the attacks.
  9. llamadal

    ** Diablo 2 Resurrected Thread **

    The price point is the biggest issue for me tbh, I feel it should be £20 max. Add in the lack of mod support (they claimed it would have it but now no tcip, private servers or open battlenet and unless someone can point me to information, total silence on the subject after bigging it up), No...
  10. llamadal

    ** Diablo 2 Resurrected Thread **

    When you see how great the demon souls remaster is, then play this, it seems like a low effort cash grab at £35.
  11. llamadal


    Ask him what went wrong with this game! Seriously though, It's a great job/career he has.
  12. llamadal


    Weapon models look oversized and off Weapon feel/sound is quite joyless. Doesn't matter if it's gun/melee/grenade, they lack heft. Lack of ammo Utterly useless AI (bots and mobs) Dull and basic level layout Boss type mob spawns in fog, instantly KO's 2 people - don't have the firepower to kill...
  13. llamadal


    I love l4d/WWZ and I don't know how best to describe b4b other than as a massive disappointment.
  14. llamadal

    ** Diablo 2 Resurrected Thread **

    It still available at £28? Can't find it at that price. Anyone got a link please?
  15. llamadal

    Would you sell a GPU on ebay now?

    Sold plenty on eBay over the years and I've only encountered a couple of scammers but never been out of pocket. It's a hassle to ensure you are protected, like loads of pics, videos, serials etc.... Someone did a return of a faulty item but they send the wrong item back, a defective card with...
  16. llamadal

    Trading the stockmarket (NO Referrals)

    Whats a good uk ap please? Only small amounts so don't want to put a grand in or anything. Thanks
  17. llamadal


    I would use the 3070 until you snag a 3080 then sell the 3070, even if plenty become available, worst case you would make a small loss but get to have a great card for however long this takes.
  18. llamadal

    Zotac trinity 3090 died today after 2 days

    Mine failed. First bsod in year's playing games with mine. Managed to snag a palit a day later as id still be waiting for a replacement.
  19. llamadal


    told out of codes so he wont be getting anything.
  20. llamadal


    This has probably been mentioned already but a mate bought a 3090 rog strix as soon as the website allowed him to, like 15 mins after launch, 2-month wait and nearly 2k on a graphics card, didn't get watchdogs code and ocuk won't give a cod code either despite nearly every other retailer giving...