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  1. Coowhan

    Google Pixel 6

    So I bought this phone today and was all excited to get it charged and start using it.. Never realised you don't get a charging brick, looked on Google website for the official one.. Delivery on the 9th of December..:D Anyone suggest a quicker alternative? None where I bought it from or any shop...
  2. Coowhan

    *** The Official Battlefield 2042 thread***

    I'm so bored of playing Call of Duty this looks like a real breath of fresh air tbh.. Their "new map" on Warzone was a joke really, haven't played that or any shooter really in months. They mean a reskin of the map everyone's been playing since release when everyone was screaming for a new...
  3. Coowhan

    What does 600bhp feel like?

    Can confirm I took my uncle's 2015 E63 out for a spin and he looked a bit offended when I told him my car FELT faster, he didn't believe me. Then he came out in mine and he did actually agree:cry: Guaranteed it wouldn't be as fast as the E63 but the sensation of speed in the seat was greater...
  4. Coowhan

    The Ampere RTX 3080 Ti Owners Thread

    6 people:cry::cry::cry: Glad I never entertained even looking. The 3080 non Ti launch was enough to put me off, eventually ended up with one of them.. Came on here afterwards to see what it was like, apparently the same shambles as expected:rolleyes:
  5. Coowhan

    auros 3080 xtreme temps issue

    I wouldn't say there's anything to worry about. People get overly obsessive over temps. 67 is absolutely fine. My old blower style 1080 Ti was pretty much running at 80+ maxxed out for like 4 years while gaming and it still works fine. My gaming X trio does seem to run stupidly cool out the box...
  6. Coowhan

    M140i vs I30N

    No problem, yeah i seen the facelift version is just going on sale here. I actually like the look of it a lot more than the original. Seems to have much nicer, lighter wheels, some proper N branded bucket seats and a few other nice additions. Most people that own the i30N's seem to love the way...
  7. Coowhan

    M140i vs I30N

    Touche, should feel like a totally different car with the diff and birds package. Almost full M car:) Funny story mentioning birds haha. I got offered a diff recently when I got my Mrs. Alloys done on her car and turned up in my car to drop her back for it. Got chatting with the guy that owned...
  8. Coowhan

    M140i vs I30N

    Fitting a diff definitely improves the drive and putting the power down, but it doesn't sort how horrible the dampers seem to feel in these Mx40 F series cars. Going over anything that isn't a smooth surface at speed legit feels like the car is trying to throw you off the road like a pogo stick...
  9. Coowhan

    M140i vs I30N

    I have an M240i at the moment, and honestly I haven't fallen in love with it. I have done a few things to it out of boredom really, it's running like 460 bhp. They are stupidly easily to get that out of them for less than £1000. Personally I have owned a EP3 type R, fiesta ST, megane rs250, golf...
  10. Coowhan

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti to be "available" on June 3rd, RTX 3070Ti on June 10th

    Don't think I'll be participating in this **** show this time, have been fortunate enough to actually receive my 3080 trio X before MSI decided to pump everyone else left in the queue. Probably cost me about double what I paid to upgrade even if I wanted and a lot more grey hairs:rolleyes...
  11. Coowhan

    Who here owns a Renaultsport?

    The 250 cup I had years ago has been my favourite car I've owned. Bought it with a loan for like 11k. In the process of getting rid of my M240i that was like 3 times that price for another RS car. Ever since owning the Renaultsport I just compare everything to it. The BMW blows it away speedwise...
  12. Coowhan

    Why are all gaming chairs so bad?

    Dunno about that.. I've had mine for a year and a half and I'm ready to whip my old chair out the garage and throw the hero in the local skip. 2 replacement parts later and the thing still wobbles and creaks and clangs everytime I move on it... Biggest waste of money I've spent on a chair. There...
  13. Coowhan

    When are you going fully electric?

    Funny you say this, I've got a suspicion about my workplace thinking about the same thing. They've already got a few small Renault electric vans that get about 100 miles out of a full charge with no fast charging:cry: 2 apprentices that have them at the moment as they seem to be the guinea pigs...
  14. Coowhan

    When are you going fully electric?

    These are exactly the issues that were brought up in these videos.. Along with a few others like they reviewed the brand new Audi e-tron and the in car sat nav couldn't even take them to a charger reliably. Took him to somewhere there wasn't even a charger. He then had to get his phone out and...
  15. Coowhan

    When are you going fully electric?

    I've seen a few lengthy reviews recently on how much of a PITA owning one is and how bad the infrastructure still is in the UK, so probably not anytime soon. Seems a stress I cba dealing with until something changes.
  16. Coowhan

    Who here owns a Renaultsport?

    I used it all the time to watch the oil temp when I had my 250 before I gave it some.. Was the best thing about it imo. Was a lot more basic looking on the 250 mind compared to the updated 275 RS monitor:D
  17. Coowhan

    Something Sporty, must have back seats, £8-£12k max, newer than 2012

    Had this shape megane RS with the cup pack before owning more powerful cars and I still miss it to this day. I would have another one in liquid yellow with all the goodies tomorrow haha.. Probably my favourite car I've owned. Renaultsport cars are addictively good to throw about a good road...
  18. Coowhan

    Is now the best time to sell your GPU?

    Yeah this is exactly what I mean, feel like you can take advantage of your reactions and movement a lot more on pc and pull off some flicks and reaction shots which are so satisfying. I never felt like that playing on console even when I got pretty good at it. Most of the time you see a head pop...
  19. Coowhan

    Is now the best time to sell your GPU?

    Maybe I am just so used to PC gaming but playing FPS on console feels horrible with a controller. Aiming feels so robotic and clunky opposed to the smooth, slick swipe of the mouse.. I had an Xbox one for over a year instead of a PC and tried my best to settle for it but in the end I was like...
  20. Coowhan

    What have you done to your car today?

    You actually use the BMW nav over Waze/Google maps? I'm genuinely surprised by that I used the BMW nav in my 240 once and it made me want to rip the screen out the dash and smash it against my head.... Was one of the worst nav systems I've used for such a new car and highly frustrating to...