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  1. AtlanticP

    How much should I expect to pay to fix a slightly buckled wheel?

    Agreed, Alloy doesn't like being bent too much and resulting buckle could lead to complete wheel failure (Cracks in the wheel you cant see). If your luck is anything like mine it will be at speed.
  2. AtlanticP

    Why do women like keeping mens jackets?

    Actually... /*ponders :p
  3. AtlanticP

    ****Fresh random image thread (with rule addition)Every post MUST contain an image!****

    just trying out the mozilla plugin, save and rehost :D
  4. AtlanticP

    Whitney Houston

    I did ask him about this and his reply was 'What A Hoot - Adrenaline was flowing by the gallon' Had a blast. I chat with him on another forum and had to ask him why he looked high lol
  5. AtlanticP this repairable...

    Its an Evo Buddy ;) :p New shells are not that much tbh, as long as so much of the original car was used it can also go on its original number plate too. Would be an interesting project :D
  6. AtlanticP

    Windows 7 Ulitmate and Steam Problems

    Interesting discovery but maybe coincidence. Went to task bar and clicked on customise and then selected: Steam > show Icon & Notifications and steam now works :confused: I read somewhere that the task bar can play a part in steam not working and this 'seems' to back that claim up. Will see how...
  7. AtlanticP

    Windows 7 Ulitmate and Steam Problems

    ah damn, thats not good mate. Have posted on the powered by steam forums but tbh am not holding my breath as it can take a while for them to pull their fingers out or pull said finger out and point at the OS :mad:
  8. AtlanticP

    Windows 7 Ulitmate and Steam Problems

    Hey Guys, Wasn't sure where to put this, here or in the games section but I suspect it to be a W7 problem so will stick it here for now. After installing Windows 7 Ultimate late night, I tried to install Steam this afternoon but all I can get is 'sometimes' it will update and crash and other...
  9. AtlanticP

    Assignments :(

    I have done the same, start the assignment then lose motivation halfway through then do it the night before. Though this time round I have not finished it before the dealine so have got to get my groove on to complete it as I have already gone over the deadline for the next one :(
  10. AtlanticP

    Cheapest place to get a HPI check?

    Have heard good things about these mate: or this one from Experian
  11. AtlanticP

    Urgent help for noobie

    check voltages for the ram, had similar when building a system a while ago and had to up the volts a bit. Think I went to something around 2.1v but check to see what your ram needs and make sure its set to that.
  12. AtlanticP

    Urgent help for noobie

    Over heating maybe, temp protection too low ?? Check and recheck everything - Twice!!
  13. AtlanticP

    USB Keyboard suddenly doesnt work in boot

    check that 'Legacy USB' support is 'Enabled' in the bios. Mine can sometimes drop this.
  14. AtlanticP

    ** IN STOCK Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse ***

    If they still sell the G5 then I would imagine that's what they will replace it with buddy :( If they send you a new G5 then stick it in MM and put the money towards the G500 maybe ;)
  15. AtlanticP

    **Mini-Reveiw* - Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

    The Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Package Contents: Mouse Manual Weights Weight storage box Weight carrier NO Driver cd those these are probably best downloaded to make sure you have the latest version. Now onto the mouse, Mainly images for now because I haven't really gamed too much with it as...
  16. AtlanticP

    ** IN STOCK Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse ***

    Just got one of these today and yes it has black teflon feet. Amazing mouse with oodles of features. Feels nicer than my G5, I am pretty certain there is a slight shape change as well as the G5 always a little awkward where as this mouse feels perfect. Using it on an Everglide Titan mat and...
  17. AtlanticP

    Which lid do you have?

    I have a Box FX-1 Flip Up Helmet for use on my Quad: ECE22.05 safety and ACU Gold standard approved too, not bad for £62.99 :D This is what it looks like when clean: Sorry for image quality, images were taken with my phone :(
  18. AtlanticP

    Song name? Long shot asking I guess

    Alrighty, pleasure mate :cool:
  19. AtlanticP

    Song name? Long shot asking I guess

    the song is by Tigerstyle "Nachna Onda Nei" featuring Kaka Bhainiawala from the album "The Rising" - on itunes: hth :)