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    Saw them at Download too, their new stuff was fantastic
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    Best Albums of 2018?

    Ghosts Prequelle album, so good
  3. Magik5

    Strange Pictures (Ghosts)

    Must be aliens ghosts
  4. Magik5

    Tomb Raider (2018)

    VFX in trailers are rarely finished, so these shots should look better in the final release. Movie looks really generic, although will check it out for Walton Goggins.
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    What film did you watch last night?

    This is because it was real :D
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    Photoshop request please

    You'll have to imagine the Michael Bay cut
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    What film did you watch last night?

    Hidden Figures Pretty good story, well acted and inspirational - 7.5/10
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    What film did you watch last night?

    Check out Odeon Screen Unseen, they do advanced screenings of movies for £5. The caveat is you don't know what the movie will actually be until the opening credits roll.
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    What film did you watch last night?

    Manchester by the Sea - Loved it. A well written and acted story about a guy dealing with the loss of his brother. 9/10
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    Best Albums of 2016

    Two standout albums for me are: Frost* - Falling Satellites Katatonia - The Fall of Hearts Awesome music from two awesome bands
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    Perfectly produced songs/albums?

    Yeah I agree with this actually. Love Tool, their odd timings and polyrhythmic drumming are brilliant. I would however argue they're less comparable to Pink Floyd due to the nature of their slightly more aggressive sound. Looking forward to their new album though!
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    Perfectly produced songs/albums?

    Interested to hear why you think this. I would go as far as to say Porcupine Tree in terms of musical skill and maturity, are this generations Pink Floyd.
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    The legend that is
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    Overclockers UK are going big for Halloween, with great offers and giveaways! So you DO know how to do full page responsive websites :p
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    Top 10 Guitar Solos

    The 'Black Light Machine' solo from the awesome Frost* is currently my fav. Starts at 2:55:
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    Photoshop help

    Looks like The Crown at Chiddingfold to me!
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    What film did you watch last night?

    The Big Short at Odeon screen unseen last night. Solid performances all round and best use of the 4th wall I've seen in a long time. Steve Carell was the stand out for me. A great movie you need to have your brain switched on to follow 8/10
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    Kitten name ideas

    A friend named their cat Fizgig because reasons:
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    CSS help please

    True, although once the content is in it's probably best not specify a height at all.
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    CSS help please

    Something like this?