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  1. ErinGoBrath

    Fantasy Football

    Didn't even realise there was an OcUK league. Joined the league in top spot - Emirate Isles
  2. ErinGoBrath

    Why do bookies sometimes pay out early?

    They do it for publicity mainly. It give the bookies a good name and stimualtes betting the the particular market they have paid out on.
  3. ErinGoBrath

    100 kids in Ireland swept out to sea???

    From another source: Grow up lads.
  4. ErinGoBrath

    100 kids in Ireland swept out to sea???

    Oh God. I hope everyone is recovered safely :(
  5. ErinGoBrath

    Bashkirian Airlines Flight 2937

    If the TCAS detects an imminent collision when the plane is on autopilot will autopilot perform the accent/decend without manual intervention?
  6. ErinGoBrath

    Midweek FA Cup Replays **SPOILERS**

    Eh? Yes it was. The entire SS team also said it was!
  7. ErinGoBrath


    Thats where I live, we could be neighbours! Totally agree, previous statement was rubbish!
  8. ErinGoBrath

    Bolton Vs Arsenal (Cup Replay)

    Good post. Totally agree. I believe his earlier 'blips' in his career were largely down to his bothers who were acting as his agents.
  9. ErinGoBrath

    Christian Bale - Impressive!

    Quick question, when these guys are cutting are they doing much excercise to speed up the process? I can't imagine you'd have much energy to do anything eating so little food :confused:
  10. ErinGoBrath

    Bolton Vs Arsenal (Cup Replay)

    I was at the disappointing 1-1 draw in Emirates, it really does seem that Bolton play to Arsenals weaknesses. Fair play to them however I think they are due a stuffing and tonight will be the night. Also relieved Henry isn't playing. He's been absent in quite a few games recently and Ade for...
  11. ErinGoBrath


    I don't me to sound bad but I think you'll struggle to live in Dublin and rent on that salary. It's a very expensive city. The one positive is that Mespil Road is a lovely place. You working in the Mespil Hotel or the Bank of Ireland Assets Management?
  12. ErinGoBrath


    You'll love it. You'll get a nice double room in a central area for circa 500 yoyo's. Happy hunting!
  13. ErinGoBrath


    It's dead money, making some landlord rich. I'm not even paying half that sharing a house in the town centre.
  14. ErinGoBrath


    Hey there, I live in Dublin. You should get a great place within walking distance of St.Stephens Green or Templebar for 1500 yoyo's. For example, check out this property on Hanover Quay. It's a gorgous location and 1300 a month: Or in the IFSC in the business...
  15. ErinGoBrath

    Football **SPOILERS** 30th/31st January

    Denilson = Carbon copy of Cesc Can't complain! Poor Ca$hley :eek:
  16. ErinGoBrath

    Tottenham v Arsenal, 1/24, Carling Cup Semi-Finals

    I'd expect Arsene to have a starting lineup like so: ....................Almunia....................... Hoyte......Toure.....Senderos.....Traore Walcott....Diaby......Fab..............Hleb ...........Baptista.....Aliadiere.............. Look like a very strong team, I'll be having...
  17. ErinGoBrath

    Shay Given - The best keeper in the premiership?

    Eh care to explain why? Given gets my number 1 vote aswell, following closely by Cech and Van Der Sar.
  18. ErinGoBrath

    Cheap hotels dublin city centre?

    Strange you should say that, the bridge beside the Mespil would be largely considered the red light district of Dublin!
  19. ErinGoBrath

    Cheap hotels dublin city centre?

    The only site you need :cool:
  20. ErinGoBrath

    Cheap hotels dublin city centre?

    Get a taxi from the Airport to Jury's hotel and get the Aircoach to the Dublin City. Luxury coach and a it shouldn't take too long.