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  1. kingy10

    Link Forum Account To OcUK Account?

    Yes it's working now thanks
  2. kingy10

    Link Forum Account To OcUK Account?

    When trying to link my forum account I get an error message saying: "Failed to link your account An unknown error occurred please fill in a bug report" Not sure how to fill in a bug report. Is anyone else having this issue>?
  3. kingy10

    Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

    Was reading reviews on trust pilot and have seen quite a few on there with UPS demanding import fees . Apparently being shipped from the Netherlands.
  4. kingy10

    Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

    Have heard there is import duty to pay , has anyone had this problem ?
  5. kingy10

    Link Forum Account To OcUK Account?

    Same problem here. Can't link account error .
  6. kingy10

    Free Shipping for Loyal Forum Members

    Still having the error message after 100 posts unfortunately..
  7. kingy10

    Hearts of Iron 4

    I have been trying really hard to learn this game but boy is there a lot to take in. How did you guys learn it?
  8. kingy10

    Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

    4 years depot warranty or 3 years premier care? Which to go for?
  9. kingy10

    Best CPU/GPU pair

    If you are primarily gaming , defo the 3080 .
  10. kingy10

    Free Shipping for Loyal Forum Members

    Oh I see thanks.
  11. kingy10

    Good upgrade from 30” hp zr30w (gsync)

    Honestly get a 38inch ultrawide! best decision I ever made.
  12. kingy10

    looking for new monitor need help :)

    I have never met anyone who "has not liked 21:9" out of interest what didn't you like about it?
  13. kingy10

    Cleaning a screen

    You can buy disposable ones that are for cleaning screens. They are not too expensive.
  14. kingy10

    *** Oculus Quest 2 Owners Thread ***

    I changed mine to VR cover a while back.
  15. kingy10

    Whats best for gaming Hard or Cloth Mousepad ?

    You missed one other option "hybrid pads" :)
  16. kingy10

    Mechanical Keyboard recommendations

    I would stay away from Razer if you have X570 . They freeze windows taskbar and Razer refuses to do anything about it.
  17. kingy10

    Thoughts on this mouse setup?

    I have superlight and corepads. You have a good setup. How are you finding the mpc890 ? I was thinking of getting one myself (currently zowie gtfx)
  18. kingy10

    What is your favourite switches?

    Browns or Blues
  19. kingy10

    Upgrade Now or Wait?

    I say, if you can wait a bit it would be best as gpu's are hardly available and it's nearly a year .. so just 1 more year and then 4000 series
  20. kingy10

    What watch do you wear?

    samsung smart watch