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  1. Scythe

    BMW and M Power Owners

    Completely agree. I like the new infotainment system but touch screens and big ugly panels are a step backwards. Give me a clock cluster any day.
  2. Scythe

    Scared myself yesterday

    Watch out for Tesco delivery drivers up there, they're lethal on the single track roads particularly driving fast over blind crests. I almost had two head ons in a single day.
  3. Scythe

    Should I change tyres?

    Great choice, they're awesome. I'd be having another set on my MT10 when they're worn out if I wasn't headed to the Alps (3k miles) later this summer.
  4. Scythe

    Fiesta mk8 1.0 ecoboost remap query

    The only difference between the 100 and 125 is the map. If the bluefin/superchips stock map isn't crazily over 125hp you should be fine for a simplistic view.
  5. Scythe

    When is the pricing bubble going to burst?

    The aerodynamic drag squares with speed, yes. However when applied to a propelled object (i.e. a vehicle), the power you need to overcome the aerodynamic drag increases by a factor of 3 (cubed) with speed. Hence a lot more power is needed to overcome the drag at higher speeds.
  6. Scythe

    AIBU - Mercedes Main Dealer Issue

    Welcome to main dealer 'servicing'. Save yourself the hassle and small fortune by getting your services done at your reputable Indy.
  7. Scythe

    How do you secure your bike?

    On the right tracks with the pragmasis lock. I use a pragmasis 19mm chain with the hefty padlock they supply, fixed to a ground anchor in my garage. If you have a solid structure to fix to in the communal garage then use one of these chains. For out on the move, I use disc locks and would...
  8. Scythe

    Cordless dyson battery replacement

    Replaced our V6 battery a few months ago with one off amazon, changed the filter whilst at it. Very easy job and transformed the hoover as it was a family hand down when I bought my first house.
  9. Scythe

    Breakdown cover covering the person for all owned vehicles?

    RAC and AA do personal cover for a designated person in any* vehicle. I use this to cover our cars and bikes, using the usual cash back sites can usually get a good deal. I paid about £60 for me and my mrs (car/van + 2 bikes each). *usually excludes trucks, buses.
  10. Scythe

    R6 or R1

    As an MT10 and ZX6R owner, agree completely with this. I love the 10s low down power and gearing to suit road use and is so much more fun than my 6. My 6 feels more accurate on cornering, but that’s probably largely due to its aftermarket suspension. strongly recommend looking at suspension...
  11. Scythe

    What did you do to your bike today?

    +1 Joe Public just don't understand and spend their time out to punish motorcyclists.
  12. Scythe

    *** Xbox Series X|S - General Discussion Thread ***

    i hope we start seeing them readily available on shelves soon. I have a £100 gift card from my house builder that can only be used in store that I’m waiting to use.
  13. Scythe

    Diesel Passat b7 New Battery advice

    make sure it’s as close to the original capacity (never decrease in capacity) and type and it’s fine. for example I had to replace my 70ah AGM with a 72ah AGM of the same physical size simply because they don’t make the 70ah version anymore
  14. Scythe

    Diesel Passat b7 New Battery advice

    From a quick look it looks similar to my BMW. The coding is to tell the battery conditioning software to forget the state of the previous battery, to prolong the life of the new one. Providing your new battery is equivalent in capacity and type (I.e AGM) then start stop should work fine. You...
  15. Scythe

    Windscreen washer broken - MOT fail?

    I've known washers to block before on some older cars and causing hoses to pop off under pressure. Have you checked to see if you can see the hose is connected? It could be a simple fix.
  16. Scythe

    Biker's Cafe Chatroom

    A worthy cause, I have an old friend who is a Staffs Blood Biker (Snappo), or at least he was last time I spoke to him.
  17. Scythe

    Eufy Security Flaw with cameras and doorbells - footage deleted by pushing reset button

    Wasn't aware of this and I'm a Eufy user, thanks for the heads up. Not good.
  18. Scythe

    Are Deliveroo liable?

    The key point is the rider is riding (supposedly) illegally in the OP. I don't know about the T&Cs of the liability insurance, but I'd assume there is no cover if the employee is acting unlawfully and there probably is no legislation of liability. In the case of a DPD van, the DPD van insurance...
  19. Scythe

    Are Deliveroo liable?

    The rider. you don’t claim off Volkswagen if a Polo hits you.
  20. Scythe

    Jump starting battery

    Yeah if you’ve had to restart it a few times then it may not be fully charged. Try not to have short journeys for a few days, or invest in a battery charger And give it an overnight charge to put the issue to bed.