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  1. Ancientpencil

    Job Opportunities, near Salisbury, Wiltshire

    Our company Lascar has vacancies in Engineering, Marketing and Sales. We’re looking for friendly, enthusiastic people to join the team based at our wonderful office near Salisbury. Please visit
  2. Ancientpencil

    ***The Pond Discussion Thread****

    Oh no, so sorry, terrible news. How do you know it was an otter? Footprints? I wonder if he appreciates his very expensive dinner. Poor frightened fish :(
  3. Ancientpencil

    My new favourite biscuit..

    You're all wrong. I've returned to my trusty Bourbon. you can't beat it with a coffee. Why are there no biscuits on the market with a marmalade flavour? Jafa cakes are not what I'm thinking of. It's just something you don't find. McVities?
  4. Ancientpencil

    ***There are jobs here***

    Hi all, Sales Engineer Vacancy for an Electronics company in Whiteparish, just outside Salisbury My employer, Lascar Electronics, is looking for a Sales Engineer to drive sales of their data loggers, panel meters, touchscreen displays and custom electronics design services. The primary skills...
  5. Ancientpencil

    The nervous wait to exchange....

    Congratulations - depending upon the relationship - let her choose the colours!
  6. Ancientpencil

    Front garden vs driveway

    If you think you may ever sell, then a wider driveway would allow anyone with one car (and maybe a mobile scooter) room to get in and out. I'd always have a wider drive, more space for: the shopping, children, family, any time of year not to step onto grass which is wet, needs cutting or...
  7. Ancientpencil

    ***Han Solo movie***

    Sorry all but I found it to be such a run-of-the-mill, churned out story with no real surprises and quite predictable. Agreement on the android annoyance. If you're a huge fan it's probably what you'll enjoy. Maybe I'm getting cynical and now look for a deeper story line and better script...
  8. Ancientpencil

    Best instant noodles?

    Thanks for the tip, I'm definitely avoiding Samyang if I see it. The favourites in our house are anything Soba, which have quite a range of different flavours and they're all acceptable. Koka are ok also, incredibly cheap (25ppp in B&M) but you really need two packets. They're a favourite with...
  9. Ancientpencil

    ***The Pond Discussion Thread****

    It's looking fantastic, especially the planting which is now in flower. Yes, would love some wildlife pictures, it'll be a haven in this hot weather. Looking good and I'm sure you're really pleased with it. Well done.
  10. Ancientpencil

    *****Official BBQ Thread - Suns out, Buns out!*****

    Sorry but too hot for BBQ - Salad, salad, salad!
  11. Ancientpencil

    Show Off Your Dish (Picture Thread) (Rules added)

    That looks beautiful; wishing I was round for dinner and hope it tastes as good as it looks. I do not make the time to bake but love home-made proper meals. Very well done. 5 stars on presentation.
  12. Ancientpencil

    'Word Cookies'

    Thanks for the tip; I'll give it a go.
  13. Ancientpencil

    ***There are jobs here***

    Looking round for something in the Wiltshire area.
  14. Ancientpencil

    ***There are jobs here***

    Where are you based please?
  15. Ancientpencil

    It's too hot :(

    I'm very grateful we have air-conditioning at work. Is anyone else wilting?
  16. Ancientpencil

    First birthday present to girlfriend

    So what did you do in the end? Has her birthday come and gone? Waiting to know what happened ...
  17. Ancientpencil

    ***There are jobs here***

    It was a posting from a long time ago, so I was just hoping you'd managed to sort something. Well done. There's a Sales Engineering position going at our company.
  18. Ancientpencil

    Explaining gap in CV

    Online courses are a great idea. Thanks for the sound advice.
  19. Ancientpencil

    R.I.P Anthony Bourdain

    Sorry for your loss. He was great to watch - more down to earth than most. He will be greatly missed.