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  1. iamtheoneneo

    Spanish Grand Prix 2022, Barcelona - Race 6

    Danny has to go. I'm sorry but he is awful and there are better drivers deserving of that seat.
  2. iamtheoneneo

    Spanish Grand Prix 2022, Barcelona - Race 6

    Yeh usual biases coming out. At the end of the day Perez can't really talk, hes rarely outqualified Max, and certainly way off pace for most races. He might he been quick today but he knows deep down he's just not as good. He will still be signing that contract in the summer regardless...unless...
  3. iamtheoneneo

    Better Call Saul

    Got a feeling were going to get a mega dump next half. Maybe even an entire episode? The last episode? puts a tidy bow on everything...perhaps. Last we left it his identity was compromised so leaves the door open for a 'past' character to appear maybe.
  4. iamtheoneneo

    Elon Musk buys twitter for $44 billion as left wing media melts down

    Surprise as megalomanic isn't really about free speech at all. Or is this just the woke liberal lefty media getting upset over a bit of sexual know how they like to get upset over everything /s
  5. iamtheoneneo

    Cost of Living Crisis

    What's a pay rise? Haven't seen one of those in a decade.
  6. iamtheoneneo

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    This government is actually brain dead. Every single one of them.
  7. iamtheoneneo

    Working From Home - the latest Tory deflection campaign

    Was going to say. None if this has anything to do with work at all. Its all those plush office blocks being empty and nobody wanting to purchase them thats worrying some. Alan Sugar was mouthing off the other day about WFH and surprise surprise he is heavily invested in Amsprop - a development...
  8. iamtheoneneo

    Star Trek : Strange New Worlds

    So this is actually like good trek..not perfect but a million miles better than discovery/picard. It seems theyv at least realised that the crew can have backstories and be competent at the same time. I'm not actively wishing any of the crew would die yet. If it continues like this...
  9. iamtheoneneo

    Monzo/Starling Banking/Revolut

    Pure hyerbole with Starling. They had a recent funding injection to suppress competition and Anne Boden seems to have a firm grasp of market conditions. Monzo on the other hand...
  10. iamtheoneneo

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    Yes but getting people to cook is totally fixing it. Nevermind that goes against every single bit of research into the use of food banks..yep nevermind that. 'Its all the foods fault' and you say i'm the immature one? :cry:
  11. iamtheoneneo

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    and a totally expected reply, if you find my comments not to YOUR liking then that's on you. I'm not going to let you derail the discussion. So lets hear it. How many items can you fit in a 30p meal? please inform us.
  12. iamtheoneneo

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    and like the MP it seems you haven't stepped inside a supermarket in the last few years. His comments much like yours goes against most pieces of research into why people are using food banks. That ivory tower must look good though!
  13. iamtheoneneo

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    Its like your deliberately missing the point so I will say it again. Cooking standards are not the reason why food banks exist.
  14. iamtheoneneo

    UK Government Performance 2019-2024

    Its irrelevant what people eat. People aren't using food banks because they can't cut up vegetables. Its typical tory deflection.. its everyone's fault but there's.
  15. iamtheoneneo

    Guy asks girl out at work, twitter kicks off...

    women must NOT be approached under any circumstances. This lady acting like she doesn't get DMs on the daily...
  16. iamtheoneneo

    Objections to Keir Starmer as PM?

    I think its fine he came out. Only a few days ago certain journalists were nitpicking that 'dinner' was on the agenda for the day, as if they had never in their lives worked for a big team where an agenda including when to eat is always on there. But they knew what they were doing, they know...
  17. iamtheoneneo

    [[[The 2022 Gym Rats Thread]]] ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

    Learn to not make excuses basically. People have this ability to make up the biggest crock of **** to get out of something. I think im at just one day off from working out at the moment. Eventually it does become more of a lifestyle thing rather than a chore.
  18. iamtheoneneo

    Miami Grand Prix 2022, Miami - Race 5

    please someone stop this
  19. iamtheoneneo

    Miami Grand Prix 2022, Miami - Race 5

    these hot oppressive tracks can not be good for these drivers...look how destroyed they all are
  20. iamtheoneneo

    Miami Grand Prix 2022, Miami - Race 5

    Nice race from Max. Track is absolutely ***** though.