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  1. Bear

    Land Rover driver fined after causing cyclist to fall off

    No, they don’t need to but not doing so may incur a NIP, it’s up to them
  2. Bear

    Land Rover driver fined after causing cyclist to fall off

    Isnt that the point? Cyclists can be unpredictable due to winds, debris, or just unsteady especially so when travelling slowly which causes drifting etc. That is exactly why close passing is potentially dangerous. That doesn’t mean the copper was sensible riding two abreast as it wasn’t, so the...
  3. Bear

    Land Rover driver fined after causing cyclist to fall off

    If they were riding single file then it would have been fine, just try and not close pass. The flat bed lorry tried to overtake and give space by driving on the white lines on the RHS, not ideal but it was an attempt at least. The Waitrose lorry couldnt because it was that much wider
  4. Bear

    Land Rover driver fined after causing cyclist to fall off

    Its irrelevant if she was hugging the line or not, the point is not to close pass even if she was, as that was the consequence. Thats why its dangerous thinking just about it being in the lane as so much of the rubbish cycling infrastructure makes drivers think its ok to close pass just because...
  5. Bear

    Mercedes Benz and AMG Owners

    @NathWraith did the same on his, check the link below.
  6. Bear

    Land Rover driver fined after causing cyclist to fall off

    Not sure about that, but if the lorry had no chance then they shouldnt have overtaken. Personally if I was on a bicycle then I wouldnt have ridden two abreast , even if its legal as it just antagonises people and that sort of close pass at that sort of speed isnt a problem to me so long as he...
  7. Bear

    Mercedes Benz and AMG Owners

    I’d be demanding an explanation why they think it reasonable having someone ragging your car.
  8. Bear

    petrol stations chaos

    jpaul are you Nasher's French cousin?
  9. Bear

    Office closure, WFH reimbursement

    Im pretty sure MPs are able to claim expenses nearly anyone else are not able to
  10. Bear

    What goes well with lobster?

    Missed a nice slab of ribeye to go with it
  11. Bear

    Mercedes Benz and AMG Owners

    A remap and a couple of new down pipes should sort that out. Do you have a valve in your exhaust, so you can run relatively quiet?
  12. Bear

    Pro Cycling Discussion 2022

    Girmay was standing directly above the bottle whilst he was unwinding the wire cap when the bottle was on the ground. Pretty daft really as it doesnt take much thought to not stand directly over the bottle when you are unwrapping it knowing these things are potentially under high pressure...
  13. Bear

    Working From Home - the latest Tory deflection campaign

    I work from home permanently and work in the private sector. Ive been in the office once in two and a half years. I would say half of the office work from home either full time or hybrid, so thats about 900 people. I work in an Engineering firm, we work to a plan and have deliverables. Its...
  14. Bear

    Ukraine Invasion - Please do not post videos showing attacks/similar

    Its quite interesting how some right wing parties seem to have links to Russia and/or Russian money, like the Tories, Trump and Marine le Pen. All seem to like using fake news and telling lies in much the same way
  15. Bear

    Pro Cycling Discussion 2022

    What a win from Girmay, genuinely out sprinting MvP when MvP was giving it everything, fantastic!
  16. Bear

    Cost of Living Crisis

    Dont forget it also includes things like windfarm subsidies, fitting of smart meters, protection of the vulnerable that may not be able to pay, maintenance etc. Im guessing the protection of the vulnerable will take up a whole lot more now
  17. Bear

    Cost of Living Crisis

    Not wrong though, I have been skipping a meal everyday for over 8 months doing intermittent fasting and lost nearly 3st. You do have to ensure the other meals you eat are nutritious to make sure you get the nutrients you need which would be a potential problem if you were really poor
  18. Bear

    Media Portrayals of Events

    The accident was caused because he was reaching for his drink and not paying attention on what was in front of him.. The fact that 6 other cars avoided the car stopped on an active lane says they were paying attention and he wasnt.
  19. Bear

    Anyone used Karshare?

    Haha, same. I havent let the wife drive any of my cars as she would just kerb the **** out of the wheels when parking and she has no idea of the concept of mechanical sympathy
  20. Bear

    Objections to Keir Starmer as PM?

    I presume she got sent to prison because she was potentially dealing as no one is taking 9g on a night out edit: Looks like she was either being paid £200 to act as a mule or she was dealing to a guy in the festival