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    The last game you completed, and rating.

    Weird West - Not the type of game that I normally play, but enjoyed it for the most part. The combat was mediocre, but the story got better the longer the game progressed and kept me playing. 7/10
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    Valve announces the SteamDeck

    Completed my purchase this evening - how long after paying for it have people been receiving theirs?
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    Looking for a PC Game

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    The last game you completed, and rating.

    Forgotten City (Game Pass) - 8.5/10 I can't really say too much without spoiling it, but suffice to say I really enjoyed this. It was a bit more of a laid back game where I could explore and speak to people to uncover the games mysteries. I found myself connecting with the characters and story...
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    PC Game Pass (was Xbox Game Pass for PC)

    Death's Door coming tomorrow! I was thinking about buying this so this comes as a welcome surprise.
  6. Ranked1_of_1 its Dec 31st. Your personal GOTY ?

    Halo Infinite - love it!
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    Halo Infinite Mulitplayer (free and out now)

    I have not played a Halo game since Halo 3 on the the 360 - I really enjoyed that for a month or so until Modern Warfare was released. I tried Infinite for a bit of nostalgia and it has hooked me really bad. I have put a load of hours into it and really haven't enjoyed a game as much as this for...
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    Deathloop - from the people behind Dishonored and Prey

    I have just finished this, so it is my first visit to this thread as I wanted to avoid any spoilers. There wont be any spoilers from me either as it's the start of that game I want to mention. I really started to enjoy the game after about 4 or 5 hours of gameplay. Before that though it was a...
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    Gems in the rough of AAA

    The Artful escape Lemnis Gate
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    ****Age of Empires IV****

    I had an option to pre-install, but after clicking that it took about 5 mins and said it was done. So I am guessing that the actual preload will happen closer to the time of release as there is no way it downloaded the entire game in that time.
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    ****Age of Empires IV****

    I have never played any AOE game - in fact I have hardly played any RTS games, but after watching a few videos of this on YouTube I am really looking forward to it, especially the campaign. Not sure I will have the time to get good at Multiplayer, but it looks fun.
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    Lemnis Gate - Turn based, Timeloop FPS

    Who are you watching, just out of interest?
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    Lemnis Gate - Turn based, Timeloop FPS

    After playing it quite a bit more I am finding myself agreeing with you more. Strategy is very important - you really do have to think about how you are going to approach each round. That being said FPS skills are more important than I thought. If you are trying to cap an objective in a round...
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    Lemnis Gate - Turn based, Timeloop FPS

    The FPS side I think is the least important aspect to it, but there are times when you need to execute FPS skills quite well. That being said the strategy side is extremely important and I think a good strategist will beat a good FPS player. You are quite right that denying your opponents to...
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    Lemnis Gate - Turn based, Timeloop FPS

    I havent seen any other thread on this game. It is a turn based, time loop FPS. It is hard to explain so a video probably explains better than I could: I am loving it though - completely different to anything I've played before. It took me a while to...
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    What's the multiplayer FPS I need?

    Has anyone played Lemni's Gate? It only came out yesterday and is on Game pass. It's described as a turn based FPS. I watched one video and installed it ready to play later - looks great and different to anything else out there. Might be worth a look if you're wanting to scratch that FPS itch...
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    The last game you completed, and rating.

    The Artful Escape Loved it, played the whole game with a smile on my face. It is not difficult or challenging in any way, but it is a wonderful story told in a very effective way. Fantastic graphics and soundtrack as well. It's on Gamepass and roughly lasts around 4 hours so well worth anyone's...
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    Aliens Fireteam

    Have you played it on anything higher than standard difficulty Kronos - if not I think you should. The perk system and customization of the guns are also pretty good. I have had a blast with it and with free content on the way it will only get better.
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    Aliens Fireteam

    Me too, it is a really good game - especially if you play in co-op. There is free new content coming out this week as well. I hope the game is a success, because it deserves to be. It's great fun, decent price point and free content soon after launch.
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    Aliens Fireteam