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  1. squiffy

    Can someone spec me a 5.1 system please

    lol. £500 will get you a POS HTIB. My centre speaker alone cost more than £500. £500 is a minimum for a subwoofer, £500 will get a you a mid end av amplifier, or a good pair of standmount stereo speakers.
  2. squiffy


    Would it be sacriligeous fit a Honda Vtec engine? :)
  3. squiffy

    Anyone in Stoke with a van?

    There's a bloke round here, £10 per hour for van hire, but that includes the driver. NW area
  4. squiffy

    Big Bike Thread

    I'm sure you will, if you get blind sided by a car. It's prats like you that give cyclists a bad name. Add a front V brake. :mad: :mad:
  5. squiffy

    911 Turbo gets the Zymöl Royale treatment

    Just watched Top Gear episode, if it were my car I'd rip out rear seat, bit pointless really, didn't even appear to be 1" legroom. Proabably a fair bit of weight saving. :)
  6. squiffy


    Doesn't look right in red though. Respray to black?
  7. squiffy


    oh god not that SC-101 POS? It's not a NAS, you need a driver for each PC. I think Werewolf had one, hated it.
  8. squiffy


    Initially, no. Search network, it'll then find it. You can then create shortcut on your desktop, and map to the network path as a drive. I have the DNS-323 set to Z:\
  9. squiffy


    You access config via web ui. But you access the directory path via windows networking, you can then map the directory to a drive. Do you want dual or single bay NAS? See last item in sig.
  10. squiffy

    Can't do 200mph then go home!

    I was thinking, with the massive amounts of power would a "third rear wheel" work? :confused:
  11. squiffy

    LCD for £1,000

    It's exactly the same electronics and panels, just different outer layer.
  12. squiffy

    320 gig Hard drive and XP

    Windows XP2 will work fine with 320GB. The Windows CD has built in partition software. It's during the "blue DOS screen" type setup, prior to copying files to the HD. Do you have BIOS set to "auto"
  13. squiffy

    LCD for £1,000

    Or the M86, if you want glossy screen. Fine for darkened HT room, and supposed to increase picture quality/darker blacks.
  14. squiffy

    File request - atiide.sys

    File sent.
  15. squiffy

    holy shimoly - 30" monitor is ridiculous

    Have you measured your 19"? I had a 19" CRT, and now a 17". Go and get a tape measure, I bet you £1000 your 19" CRT isn't 19" (viewable) I understand your reasons about resolutions, 19" LCD have pretty poor resolution, my 17" LCD has the same as 19", so really not worth buying a bigger...
  16. squiffy

    R/C Planes

    It uses glo-fuel. If you want petrol engine you usually start looking at large scale (smallest petrol is 22cc afaik) For planes, it's not that bad. Cars are worse as the crud will be plastered on the chassis. As for planes it'll be down the side of the fueslage/wing. Some whitre spirit...
  17. squiffy

    LCD for £1,000

    I've had that Sharp XD1 42", and now own Samsung M86 40" If the Sharp didn't have the common faults, then would have been happy with that, as it is though it suffered from backlight hum at most backlight settings, some ghosting that only showed up on certain scenes, banding on the second set...
  18. squiffy

    Religious books

    I take it "something is missing" in her life, and somehow religion is going to fill it?
  19. squiffy

    Crashing when copying files

    No fresh installs, partition is now on raid 120GB Copying from 320GB to 80GB is fine. But copying from 111 to 320GB at the same time halts it. Now I'm really confused. :confused: 107 disconnected. 80GB configured as secondary master. Right gone back to non RAID, going to test 250 &...
  20. squiffy

    Crashing when copying files

    This really doesn't make sense. I disconnected 80GB. 111 is primary master, 107 is secondary master. Copying files from 111 to 320GB is fine, but attempt to read in from 107 at the same time and mouse starts lagging/OS halts. So it's not the 80GB. No I'm going to disconnect the 107 and...