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  1. Vinno

    Which of these games have you played?

    League of legends - 1/10 Stardew Valley- 1/10 Destiny 2- 1/10 Rust- 1/10 Ark Survival evolved- 1/10 Halo Infinite- 2/10 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege- 1/10 Dead by daylight- 1/10
  2. Vinno

    What was your workplace/uni/school secret drama?

    At my old job a supervisor in his mid 60s had an affair with one of the employees, a barbie-girl lookalike in her early 30s. His wife also worked at the same place - obviously she caught wind of it and they separated. Within weeks him and the younger lass had also broken up so he shacked up with...
  3. Vinno

    Return to Monkey Island

    A re-play of the other ones might be in order!
  4. Vinno

    What's your personal GOAT ? (Game of all time)

    Deus Ex I can't think of a single game which has shaped my mind towards what I think the ideal game needs to be.
  5. Vinno

    Why have graphics stagnated for almost 20 years?

    Think it's time for some thicker glasses...
  6. Vinno

    You can't fight fire with fire

    If only you'd been around in the past, you could have stopped WW2.
  7. Vinno

    The gaming music thread.

    I never actually played this game but I always thought this tune was killer
  8. Vinno

    Best gaming memories

    A big memory of mine is from 2001. Just after my birthday I had a bit of cash from my parents and other family members, I think over £100. My original plan was to buy some RAM for my PC, I think I wanted to add 128mb but I'm not certain on that. But on the whole I wasn't really certain on...
  9. Vinno

    Sony purchase Bungie

    Hopefully they make something other than Destiny 3. I've not been impressed by any of the Destiny games tbh.
  10. Vinno

    Another "remember that computer/video game shop" thread

    You absolute bugger!! When I saw the name of this thread the first thing that came into my mind was the name of this shop! Now that I clicked the link and saw it, my mind has gone totally blank. It's on the tip of my tongue and I just can't place it AAaaaaaAAAAAAaaaH! Edit: I think it was...
  11. Vinno

    3090FE - Fan-stop - issues

    You need to launch a module within NV Inspector called Multi Display Power Saver, I know you said you only have the one display but I think it will work anyway. I think you just right click the tray icon to bring it up and then it's pretty self explanatory. It fixed my problem instantly when I...
  12. Vinno

    3090FE - Fan-stop - issues

    I don't know if it's the same thing but I had a similar-sounding problem with my 2080 which I solved by using an app called Nvidia Inspector.
  13. Vinno

    Rainbow Six Extraction

    Trying to remember when R6 was a realistic shooter series makes me feel like the old woman at the start of Titanic.
  14. Vinno

    Ps5 headset

    I have the SteelSeries Arctis Pro which has been very nice.
  15. Vinno

    Essential Nintendo DS / 2DS / 3DS games?

    Shin Megami Tensei 4 is a 3DS exclusive I believe.
  16. Vinno

    Living Forever??

    Massive wall of text incoming. I found a topic on this subject on Reddit a few years ago and saved it. It's obviously just of fun but I always find it interesting to read now and then.
  17. Vinno

    Splinter Cell Remake announced by Ubisoft

    Hopefully it's an actual remake and not them shoehorning Splinter Cell into their typical garbage output.
  18. Vinno

    PS5 Official Coloured Side Plates

    Bit pricey for me :(
  19. Vinno

    Homeworld 3

    Oooh so much pew pew. So pretty. Wow.
  20. Vinno

    The last game you completed, and rating (Console Edition)

    The Pathless - 7/10 Very enjoyable little game. It's quite simple but it gets everything right.