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  1. TheDome

    Deathloop - from the people behind Dishonored and Prey

    Its 100% not that, im running a 5600x with 3080 so similar spec to you and its nice and smooth
  2. TheDome

    Rift s whos getting one?

    Just to say I bought these as I was having issues with the new controllers being a bit smaller for my shovel hands. I really missed having the thumb rest. I also remove the battery cover on the new controllers a fair bit as I'm trying to grip without pressing buttons. These have helped me out...
  3. TheDome

    Rift s whos getting one?

    I can also confirm the displayport cable I bought (loops 2m) also works with no issue. I wonder what length will be possible without a repeater
  4. TheDome

    Rift s whos getting one?

    I have a 2m displayport cable on the way to see if that works. i have my doubts though, as i wont even be using a repeater. i shall report back
  5. TheDome

    Rift s whos getting one?

    I think the largest reason for this is simply because you are going to need some high end hardware to use that headset. High spec I7 along with a 1080 at least. Oculus are about mass adoption, that is why this headset ticks all the boxes like price, and the ability for a lot of PCs/laptops to...
  6. TheDome

    Resident Evil 7!!!

    It never got updated for VR on PC and there has been no mention of it coming either. Ive put off playing it in the hope it will come but its looking unlikely now :(
  7. TheDome

    Assetto Corsa Competizione

    Just to say about the motion sickness thing. Having had VR for over a year now. Motion sickness can vary person to person but you can get rid of it altogether by prolonged use over time. The key is to never push yourself. Im not a hardcore sim nut and i do still use the monitor. But its always...
  8. TheDome

    Escape from Tarkov

    i completely agree with you as many games of gone before and not improved in this aspect much (im looking at you pubg) but since this is still beta with large changes to come, whos to say what the game will look like in a few months. Theres no doubt though this is the biggest issue they have to...
  9. TheDome

    Escape from Tarkov

    the desync is bad in this game but after watching that video its clear there is updates coming for this aspect of the game about open beta time so thats sure positive
  10. TheDome

    Project CARS 2

    a good solution for rolling chair is shove some old shoes under the wheels...job done!
  11. TheDome

    Rift £200 off

    I ordered my on the same day and got the UPS email also :)
  12. TheDome

    V2 of Mansions of Madness - Suitable for beginners?

    You will find it a breeze compared to the first edition. Not only has the app streamlined it but the rules are laid out far better than before using fantasy flights 2 book system. Its a very easy game to learn and teach now and setup is far far shorter.
  13. TheDome

    Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade

    From the 3 hours steam says i have played i would say no. just doesnt feel all that great to play. It doesnt even play as good as spacemarine in multiplayer. Maybe with more time but with the release so close they are not going to change the fundementals of the game now and its really these...
  14. TheDome

    Goodwood Festival of Speed - Folding stool yay or nay

    For the hill climb is probable not needed as you can sort in the grass when not much is on. But for the rally stage i found a seat really handy since there really want any great places to sit between the action.
  15. TheDome

    Titanfall 2

    Nothing wrong with the lock on pistol. If you are a good player using any other weapon you could destroy someone with that pistol. Why not give people who are not so adept at gaming something to use No depth i will agree with.... But no skill is completely wrong. I found it one of the best...
  16. TheDome

    Tabletop Warhammer?

    kinda getting back into this after being away from the hobby for a couple of years. Building a 30k World Eaters army ......little WIP shots
  17. TheDome

    Type R and VTEC owners

    I think a huge thing that contributes to it is the S2000. It seems so sensitive to any sort of changes. Also its the worst car in the snow i have ever used
  18. TheDome

    Type R and VTEC owners

    Sorry to hear about your car it was a cracking example Have to agree with whats being said on tyres though. Living in the highlands so temps are low this time of year and the AD08Rs are really very poor in cold wet/damp conditions. I certainly find them a good bit worse than the Re050 and as...
  19. TheDome

    The Division. Are we interested?

    no the best loot as far as i can see is bought from vendors
  20. TheDome

    My environmentally friendly WSP x)

    While i have a good idea of how its made can you take more pics of it underneath etc so i have no thinking to perform at all I created my own one also but its a big and frame. This looks far better