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  1. Eriedor

    E70 X5 - Terrible Idea?

    Living in Vancouver BC now and need an SUV for a mountain/camping mule for the next ~2 years, no commute, probably doing no more than 8k-10k miles a year, but a lot of that will be in long drives. Budget around the $10-12k CAD mark so I was looking at various 6-8 year old Japanese SUVs when I...
  2. Eriedor

    The Trump presidency.

    Now there's a hilarious euphemism. You find a man that - Openly admitted sexual assault - Repeatedly, provably lies - Mocks disabled people - Advocates war crimes - Bans people from his country based on where they're from (which covers a British MP and Knighted Olympian) - Wants to punish...
  3. Eriedor

    United States presidential election 2016 (Clinton Vs. Trump)

    To be honest I completely dismissed the health nonsense when it first arose as CT bs, but recent events show it clearly isn't. In any typical election year I think Hillary would of thrown in the towel however there is so much fear of a Donald Trump presidency and even Bernie Sanders presidency...
  4. Eriedor

    Sexism at the Olympics

    RE: 1. Whilst a perfectly factual statement I do think its unfair, imagine getting to the top of your sport at the peak of your ability and be told in front of the world "and now you're nearly as good as a man!". RE: 2. I think this is a reasonably fair comment tbh as it infers an equivalency...
  5. Eriedor

    Feminism and relationships

    It could be argued Feminism is merely the female case for Egalitarianism, just like LBGT have their movement, various racial groups have their movement etc etc. Egalitarianism has such a broad goal there can't really just be one group that speaks up for it, hence it is broken down into it's...
  6. Eriedor

    So this Pokemon Go fad thing ..............

    I don't play it but totally agree, think it's brilliant it gets people together and interacting with each other more. Even if it is just a fad.
  7. Eriedor

    How will Brexit affect you and your family personally?

    Currently in Canada on a 2 year Visa with a reasonable income still coming from UK related work so currently lost about $600 a month due to sterling crash. Also currently looking into getting permanent residency here now, not sure the UK is a place we want to spend the rest of our lives. The...
  8. Eriedor

    Track day tyre usage

    Deffo do a warm up and warm down laps between your hot lap(s) but even with that in mind driving it like it should be driven will put you below the legal limit by the end of the day imo.
  9. Eriedor

    Naz Shah suspended for anti-Semitism

    Would you agree then that considering how complicated the situation is that the best course of action would of been to have not created it in the first place?
  10. Eriedor

    Naz Shah suspended for anti-Semitism

    Indeed but because of this prophecy from thousands of years ago should we hence allow them to build a country around this site which is also important to Muslims and Christians, displacing tens of thousands of people, and take full control over who can and can't access it?
  11. Eriedor

    Naz Shah suspended for anti-Semitism

    Why should a religion be entitled to have a nation state? Why should the rights of a religion to have a nation state trump the rights of the people living where said nation state is created?
  12. Eriedor

    David Cameron will not be investigated over off-shore trust

    Disgusting tax avoidance behaviour! I heard he's also saved money in an ISA!! AND put money in to a pension!! The cheek of it. Joking aside surely anything that should be investigated is the offshore company, not David Cameron's investment in said company, as his sale of shares were all...
  13. Eriedor

    Reading Beer Festival

    Would like to but got family visiting, will see if I can escape!
  14. Eriedor

    End to end encryption under threat

    Either I'm missing something in this legislation or many others are. Can someone point me to the part which means the government will have a "backdoor" to encryption algorithms? As I read it the legislation basically tells companies encryption end points should be their own servers not end...
  15. Eriedor

    OcUK forums and https

    It's not a magic bullet no but it doesn't hurt to do it. The concept of https everywhere is important because a) it makes the web more secure and b) you can take advantage of new HTTPS only features like HTTP2 and ServiceWorker. Chrome will soon show non-http sites with a red cross where the...
  16. Eriedor

    roundabout time!

    Took me a good few seconds to realise the second roundabout was the Oracle! Silly considering I drove through that roundabout most days for the last couple years! I've actually nearly made this very thread more than once after so many near misses on the Oracle roundabout, the road layout is...
  17. Eriedor

    Purchasing Help E60, F10, B8 A4??

    Aside from the gearbox and the display (as I care about neither), is there much else wrong with them? Well I don't do mega miles so if I hold onto it for 3 years a 100k car will be on 124k which isn't astronomical. Performance wise the 520d should just about cut it as the Caterham provides the...
  18. Eriedor

    Purchasing Help E60, F10, B8 A4??

    So after 5 years I'm selling my daily driver Cayman S and replacing with a Caterham R300 and some sort of sensible saloon. I'm instantly drawn to Audi/BMW as I generally like the majority of their models and I don't want to take a massive step down in interior quality from the Cayman...
  19. Eriedor

    Bought an old BMW M3, filled with regret...

    I highly recommend adding Mirror memory position adjustment when in reverse.*. I absolutely adore this feature on the Cayman, so useful when parallel parking allowing you to get nice and close without risking your alloys, and bay parking to ensure you're straight. * Assuming it works similar...
  20. Eriedor

    New stamp duty rules

    We exchanged today and complete in a fortnight, saved us 3.5k :D
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