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    Public Service Announcement by the EU

    Is your inbox stuck in 1998?
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    Most stupid question asked on OCUK

    Actually you'll get an invoice in a couple of weeks. The amount will depend on how many miles the delivery actually took.
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    McCann parents being investigated for the possibility of negligence

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    acceptable age difference

    He doesnt have to have met one. All it takes is for it to be possible for such a person to exist, which is undeniably true.
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    Compound Interest and Simple Interest maths guys in here

    Coumpound interest is where the interest is reinvested and becomes part of the principle for the following year. For the simple case where you're only talking about one year this is irrelevent, so both simple and compound yeild the same results. Try the calculations again over 2, 3, 4 etc...
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    acceptable age difference

    I think its impossible to form a judgement without pics. She might be really hot.
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    Fry up lubricant

    Sunflower oil, as I dont want my heart to turn into a haggis.
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    Child benefit. I am so angry right now

    My post would have been clearer if I had said 'One cant have it both ways'. I wasnt suggesting that the OP did, merely that extra hassle is an inevitable consequence of a tightening of the rules, which most folk seem in favour of.
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    Child benefit. I am so angry right now

    People complain about foreigners being given benefits and then complain when stricter procedures are put in place. You cant have it both ways.
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    If you had £500 to spend on a watch...

    I'd buy a 50 quid watch that tells the time and spend the rest on something useful.
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    students: sumer jobs

    Yeah. I worked in Farnborough, but occasionally had meetings down there with all the wierdos.
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    students: sumer jobs

    Ah - you're part of the placement scheme? Back in the day when I joined IBM i met a lot of placement guys.
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    students: sumer jobs

    I worked as a sommelier. Fascinating stuff, but utterly unrelated to Physics.
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    Largest 'Topman's in London? (Suits)

    Kingston M&S have a HUGE selection of suits. If you cant find one to suit(ahem) you there then you must have 5 arms, or 6 legs or something.
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    British Pakistanis

    Im sure at this very moment on there is a thread entitled 'British Chavs', denouncing all brits as Burberry wearing lager drinking slackers. And it would be just as misguided as this one.
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    Brown to meet oil industry chiefs

    You do realise that tax rates in those countries are about 15% higher than in the UK?
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    flashed at 80+ mph

    Then you shouldnt be on the road.
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    I Support the lorry drivers thread

    Yup. As a percentage of fuel price, duty/tax has actually gone down. On the other hand over the last 8 years crude has gone from 20 dollars to 140 per barrel. So whats more likely to be behind the increase in the petrol price?
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    Maths probability question

    You should probably have read the thread to avoid looking dim.
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    Discharged Bankrupts - Improving credit......

    Doesnt it take 6 years for a bankruptcy to disappear?
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