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  1. needmorespeed

    Zoltan 34th

    RIP little bro
  2. needmorespeed


    RIP Darren gone but not forgotten from your big brother
  3. needmorespeed

    Zoltan 13 anniversary

    RIP brother
  4. needmorespeed

    Zoltans would be 32nd Birthday

    RIP my brother
  5. needmorespeed


    Rip darren (zoltan)
  6. needmorespeed

    Show Us Your Motors!

    No the front door hasn't been touched the rear one has though but it only looks like that in pics. I prefer it with no front badge and all the chrome will be going and I'm going to get the bottom grill to match. The front bumper was done in a car park they forgot to leave there details :(
  7. needmorespeed

    Show Us Your Motors!

    My MK4 Mondeo 2.2 Titanium X
  8. needmorespeed

    Help needed – Dangerous tyres (Possible 2x sets of left tyres installed

    The markings on them tyres means nothing there aren't directional or asymmetrical it doesn't matter what way round they are fitted.
  9. needmorespeed

    Charity events in memory of Zoltan(Darren)

    Hi As many of you know my brother Darren aka Zoltan died from cancer on the 29th of September 2004. This year is the 10th anniversary of his death because of this several members of our family are doing some events, to raise money for the teenage cancer trust. He was treated in one of there...
  10. needmorespeed

    Car Insurance Question, How To Answer This ?

    Answer no because you haven't
  11. needmorespeed

    Babysitting... spec me a flash game

    what have you done :eek:
  12. needmorespeed

    Recommend me a good garage (Essex area)

    I have used Gates Ford in Harlow twice now first time to change cambelt, water pump and auxiliary drive belt and second time for a service had no problems either time.
  13. needmorespeed

    Fully comp with 3rd party on other cars

    Try the co op insurance they seem to let you do anything
  14. needmorespeed

    My new car

    I had a mk2 mondeo before this one its a lovely car to drive very comfy but can be thrown around abit as it hides its size and weight well The engine is great for a diesel and pulls like a train. This has the sports pack and front and rear parking sensors added. Convers+ is great lots of storage...
  15. needmorespeed

    My new car

    I have had this car for two months now so I guess its about time I posted pics its a 2008 Mondeo Titanium X 2.2 TDCI.
  16. needmorespeed

    Spec me a Mondeo!

    The 2.0 tdci would be around 55mpg for the same driving granted its not that bad when compared to petrol cars. My old v6 mondeo would barely break 30mpg on the motorway.
  17. needmorespeed

    Spec me a Mondeo!

    I agree with Firemansam I own a 58 plate Mondeo 2.2 TDCI Titanium X its quick but it does like a drink mid to low 40's is the best I have had on motorway with cruise on at 75mph
  18. needmorespeed

    ***The Official Samsung Galaxy S III Thread***

    Try sotmax rom with yank555 kernal they are made for each other. yank555 is one of the aroma options in the sotmax rom installation
  19. needmorespeed

    Do i go to tesco tomorrow to buy redbull and coco pops.....

    I think you still have time to order for tomorrow but you need to be quick
  20. needmorespeed

    Do i go to tesco tomorrow to buy redbull and coco pops.....

    or order shopping online and play games while waiting for it
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