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  1. thebrasso

    Your first car!

    The first car I was driving was my nans Nissan Micra 1.0 but I then got my own car: When? 21 Which one? Honda Civic 1.8 VTI How much: 3000 ish Insurance: £1400 TPFT :eek:
  2. thebrasso

    Very bad day.

    Best of luck Mickey, hope it all works out.
  3. thebrasso

    Online Dating Things + My New Flatmate

    I can't see any problem with it at all though, I don't think we should judge people as long as they are happy. Some people do things differently, that is all.
  4. thebrasso

    Some people disgust me. Biker

    Do you think it was the a pillar obstructing his view of the bike or he was just not concentrating? Horrible stuff either way, that somebody could drive away leaving somebody in the road. It does make me think was he legal, or did he have something to hide.
  5. thebrasso

    6 Points, No insurance!

    But isn't it a 30 day ban he's on? So he's not actually lost his license, and once the ban ends he will still hold a valid license without having to resit a test? I can't see the problem with the insurance myself.
  6. thebrasso

    S/C Installation all done - Up and running, WOOOOOSH!!!

    Alright fella, well where I'm working they made a lot of people reduntant and they cocked up bigstyle so the don't have enough staff. As a result I've been doing some hardcore hours from September onwards. Before that I had some women troubles that are ongoing but look to be sorting...
  7. thebrasso

    what would you pay for insurance?

    At the moment (renewal was July 2006) 22, 3 points SP50, 1 year NCB, License held 2 years, Civic 1.8 VTI (group 16) £717 TPF&T. After some consideration I don't think I'll pay above £1000 from now on. I think I'm chopping my car in for something a bit cheaper next year anyway.
  8. thebrasso

    Motivation for the gym

    I use the gym to de-stress, and I guess it makes me feel positive knowing I am getting stronger. I was 13 stone 10 when I moved home in July 2005, I'm just over 15 stone now, my lifts have doubled in some areas. Now I've got myself into a bit of a routine and am setting myself goals, I tell...
  9. thebrasso

    BMW Service Price

    I go to an independent garage as well, and I know they are ok because they were recommended to me by several people and my nan taught the guy who ran it many moons ago. I guess on BMW's, even older ones, if they have BMW service history it can be worth a lot more to maintain a BMW FSH...
  10. thebrasso

    Sponsoring hell

    I can see where you are coming from, people looking for sponsorship seem to try and badger people into parting with their cash. Supermarkets are the worst for this, people waiting in the entrance/exit. When I ran the London Marathon in 2005, I had real problems getting people to donate (even...
  11. thebrasso

    S/C Installation all done - Up and running, WOOOOOSH!!!

    Kudos to you for doing the work yourself, awesome car. I've seen you a couple of times coming up City Road going to OCUK. Your car definitely turns heads :D I wish I could make it to the RR but theres just no way I could get that day off work :(
  12. thebrasso

    mixing whey with milk

    Yeah. I eat two tins of tuna, chicken/lean mince, two tubs of cottage cheese, I have boiled eggs for breakfast, and lots of sunflower seeds. I could probably eat a little bit more, but its difficult on days I'm working.
  13. thebrasso

    mixing whey with milk

    I use the plain whey from myprotein (bulk stuff, bout £14.99 for 2.5kg IIRC) and I have it say 30g twice a day with water, or on lifting days three times a day with water then 30g with milk before bed. My understanding was having it with water it would be absorbed much quicker, whereas...
  14. thebrasso

    Overpaid but spent the money?

    I worked for an energy supplier for two months but resigned, mainly because at the time I was diagnosed with depression. Anyway, they paid me an extra month's wages. I rang their HR department, twice. So they do know about it. Once in October 2005 just after they paid me, again in December...
  15. thebrasso

    My gut.....the final step.

    I'd say if you start a cardio routine don't restrict your calories too much, because your body will go into starvation mode and actually retain fat. So although your cardiovascular system will develop, i.e. you might not make visible improvements. Google is your friend, pretty sure you will...
  16. thebrasso

    whats the dumbest thing youve done in a car

    Probably racing around Abersytwyth town centre at 3am reaching speeds of up tp 70mph going past the police station, and taking a roundabout the wrong way (I could see the approaches were clear but even so) and scaring the **** out of my mate when he got to the 1 O'clock exit up to Penparcu...
  17. thebrasso

    My new car

    I definitely wouldn't do the quad exhaust..other than that your planned mods all sound good.
  18. thebrasso

    My new car

    Very nice, I've not been around here much lately but I have noticed several times that you were waiting for a decent one to turn up. Huge amount of car for the money...
  19. thebrasso

    Not wanting to put you off trackdays @ Knockhill

    Its on 205GTI drivers, if you do a search for knockhill the thread about getting a rear beam refurbished... I've been to Knockhill recently and it is quite a difficult track, lots of camber to contend with. But they were driving like complete idiots, as was the red nova.
  20. thebrasso

    Best way to distance oneself...

    I'd confront him about it. I don't mean physically, I mean have a chat with him and tell him that you feel he is being disrespectful to you.
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