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    Suffering from neighbors poorly installed chimney

    yes it’s a self build - no planing permission. The bricks have been there for a year and a half, holding it together. I assumed it was still a work-in-progress but perhaps it’s part of the design!
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    Suffering from neighbors poorly installed chimney

    Last year the neighbor decided to install a new log burner into their single story extension. We are in a smoke free zone and although they are using smokeless fuel, the stink and fumes still infest the back room on my house closest to it. Worse still they insist on having it lit 18 hours a day...
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    Poll: Will you be buying a 2080Ti/2080/2070?

    Heard that preorders were live, rushed here with 1k budget. Stared in horror as can’t afford a ti. Think I’m going to allocate the cash towards a CPU/MB upgrade.
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    Absolutely, you're basically buying a personal teleportation device - it's the future, and it's here!
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    £5K (give or take) something quicker than a Focus but just as reliable

    Shame, you could get a good Megane R26 for that budget.
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    Watercooled Lian Li PC-O11 case upgrade from 12 year old Coolermaster Stacker

    I've configured the lower intake fan bank to have a slightly more aggressive fan curve than the top exit bank. At idle there is matched pressure but as the load ramps there will be slightly more positive pressure. Hopefully this will do the trick and it saves having to put anything smaller than...
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    Watercooled Lian Li PC-O11 case upgrade from 12 year old Coolermaster Stacker

    I finally decided the upgrade my old Coolermaster Stacker case that has served me well for 12 years now, my plan was to keep all my existing components and replace the case to give me a good foundation to play with for the next few upgrades. This is the shopping list: Use Existing CPU RAM...
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    Removing paint from glass door

    I second using a razor blade, really good at getting things off glass and ceramic (bath etc) if you have a Stanley knife they often have loose blades in the handle which is what you're after.
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    Neighbour parking obstruction help :( (Large pics sorry)

    I agree, even if it was concreted he'd be parking in the same place. The only problem is the fact it's grass which you would need to speak to the council about.
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    Are French cars really that bad?

    I'm happy to buy anything that came from the the renault sport factory in dieppe, other stuff is a bit more of a lottery. Having said that my gf loves her 207 more than the polo it replaced.
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    ESXi 5.5 RAID card

    I only use LSI cards for internal ESXi RAID use and the MegaRAID SAS 9271-8i looks like a good bet, you'll appreciate the additional RAM with your SSDs. I believe PCIe 3.0 would only be needed if you had 7-8 SSDs connected as a PCIe 2.0 8x slot gives you 4GB/sec of bandwidth. The type of RAID...
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    Technical Interview Questions - Enterprise IT

    For 1st and 2nd line we have a list of questions, at 3rd line we tend to set a scenario that will be similar to that which a customer might provide and ask the candidate to design a solution.
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    how often should i drain and refil my loop?

    I generally only drain my loop when I need to replace/update a component, this tends to work out to be about once every 1-2 years. Usually I like to change the hose at the 2 year interval though as by this this time it's usually started to discolour. I do tend to check the fittings are tight...
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    Cisco 4500 - erase the startup config + VLAN.dat help

    I came across the same issue today on a Cisco 4500 with redundant supervisors and the 'pull them out one at a time' method worked a charm. :D The only change was having to do erase cat4000_flash: rather than delete flash:vlan.dat to delete the VLAN config.
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    Your longest drive in ONE day?

    I drive to Switzerland a couple of times a year, it's up to 1324km / 822miles each way which I do in a day. It usually takes about 12-13 hours.
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    Official GTX780 review thread

    I have a GTX580 from day 1 too. When Titan launched at £900+ I just went and got a second 580 to run in SLI for £150. Seems like a much better use of money! Hopefully AMD can release something soon to get these prices down.
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    Vmware Host Disk Space

    If you're not after a full monitoring/alerting solution then you can just use RV tools (a small free tool) to check the OS disks:
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    Free Veeam

    Does acronis vmprotect allow you to run scripts pre/post job? I still have many customers who want to write the backups to tape or removable disk and currently use scripts to kick off these jobs on a third party product such as Backup Exec.
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    Free Veeam

    Having installed, configured, and maintained Veeam at many sites across the UK myself I'm keen to see what other solutions you've seen that would work better for VMware production environments. (I spoke to someone using Veeam for Hyper-V and they weren't impressed!) We have used Backup Exec...
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    What is the best 250+SSD

    They have since posted an update to say their problems were due to a beta firmware which has now been superseded.
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