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  1. Nathan

    AITA Advice please (brother in law neighbor)

    Hire a processor and do it all in one day. Keep everyone happy then
  2. Nathan

    Anyone have a Hot Tub?

    All good here. The cost is what it is. We use it 3 times a week on average, it’s brilliant for socialising and sport recovery. I am about to move it into an outdoor shelter with an insulated concrete pad so I ll see some savings hopefully.
  3. Nathan

    Rodent Infestation Yikes!!

    Proper rat traps. Poison is bad for other animals, especially birds of prey like owls :(
  4. Nathan

    Spotify and Multiple Alex Devices

    No matter how much Googling I do I can not get this to work. I have Amazon Household - my children added to my account. Spotify Premium my children are at an age where they want to independently listen to music on their Alexa devices in bedrooms. I have set up Amazon kids on their devices...
  5. Nathan

    Tiled flooring

    We have a mix of tiles, solid oak and carpet. The tiles in the utility, orangery and kitchen are cold this time of year. We will replace with LVT in those areas
  6. Nathan

    Colour inspiration for a living room

    We have a wall in deep blue and it looks great, I was unsure at first. Works well with white, gold and coffee colours
  7. Nathan

    When are you going fully electric?

    Same email here, strange but great customer service by them.
  8. Nathan

    Home Charger 2022

    I split the tails and put a new CU in the garage. 100amp, enough to do two car charges and a hot tub. Pretty straight forward to do. House has a 100amp main fuse. I must be close to maxing it though overnight.
  9. Nathan

    Tesla Model Y

    Looks so much better than the Model 3, wife and I are probably going to order. Really like the shape.
  10. Nathan

    How much electricity do you use?? (Am I mad)

    good information. How about a variable tariff, run printers and EV charge overnight?
  11. Nathan

    How much electricity do you use?? (Am I mad)

    So many variables, hard to compare. Bedrooms means very little, you can have a 5 bed house and under 2000 SQF. SQF is important. Age of house - comes with insulation in floor, walls and roof. number of people high use consumables such as hot tubs and EVs. We live in a 3000SQF 2004 detached...
  12. Nathan

    Have you had any damage from Storm Arwen?

    One slate tile, one downspout came off, gazebo roof covering hot tub ripped to pieces and garden furniture everywhere. Not too bad considering, Shropshire got a real hammering last night. sorted the downspout and a roofer is coming around tmw to replace slate. gazebo is binned, I’m building an...
  13. Nathan

    Alloy wheel repairs

    I have used the above, not far off the A41, good service, quality repair and fair price.
  14. Nathan

    Anyone have a Hot Tub?

    Last house I used it in negotiation with price, sold the house with the tub in the end for more money. I have also paid professional movers for my current one, £300. Bargain IMO.
  15. Nathan

    Anyone have a Hot Tub?

    thank you for the suggestion. Really enjoying this system, no chlorine smell and the wife is happy. I notice the water is slowly turning a shade green however which I know points at algae, I have tried none chlorine shock and that did not work. How do you manage the colour of the water?
  16. Nathan

    Anyone have a Hot Tub?

    Brill, thanks. Will take a look.
  17. Nathan

    Anyone have a Hot Tub?

    Has anyone here suffered an intolerance to chlorine? My wife and I have been using ours for approximately 5 years. She has recently started to come out in a rash and itch like hell. it is not only the hot tub, happens in the local swimming pool and the pools on a recent holiday. bit of a...
  18. Nathan

    Purchasing Land (Farmer)

    Small useless area, I would expect 5k. The last owner of our place paid 7k for 10mx65m in 2012 to make a healthy addition to our lawn. That’s in Shropshire.
  19. Nathan

    Which underlay?

    Treadaire dreamwalk 11mm for all except stairs. Stair runner has treadaire treadmore crumb 8mm. Last house I specked cloud 9 11mm, much a muchness in my opinions. The 15 year old cloud 9 I removed in this house wasn’t in bad shape, just a little soft in traffic areas.
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