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  1. telewebby

    Alloy wheels

    Im going to guys the inside bead of the wheel has had the paint flake away and corrosion has built up, this will need to ben ground back using a wire wheel and then you apply the bead sealer around the rim, refit the tyre and should all be ok, no need for a full refurb. We call it a rim seal...
  2. telewebby

    Is Metal music dead?

    Was about to say the same 3 bands Alex
  3. telewebby

    What would cause this type of tyre wear?

    I bet It will be a combination of poor wheel alignment, bushes going soft and slight underinflation. Alex
  4. telewebby

    Category N/S cars?

    how much is the repair vs buying a new car with potential problems? IE repair 1k but 3k to buy new unknown car? Alex
  5. telewebby

    Tyre advice please

    seems about right, 2 sets of fronts to 1 set of rears on a front wheel drive car. you have probably got 1500 to 2k left in the front tyres goin by those measurements. Another good midrange tyre is the Falken FK510 SUV. The n/s/f will always wear about .5-1mm quicker then the osf. Get a...
  6. telewebby

    Help Needed - Hatchback - £20k budget

    Toyota Auris/Corolla Alex
  7. telewebby

    Age of new tyres

    Im guessing blackcircles, they buy a large batch of tyres in one go, oldest we had come in was 4 years old on the date code where as from our normal suppliers they are normally 6 months old maximum. Alex
  8. telewebby

    Cheap To Run Recommendations

    auris/prius/ct hybrid are cheap to run as long as decent maintaince has been done, sse plenty with 2-300k on the clock, not exciting to drive but they just work. factor in that you are buying somebody elses used car (a unknown quantity) vs already knowing issues of your current car. fuel...
  9. telewebby

    What is this? (Shocking content!)

    @mjt no worries, no offence taken. I deal with tyres/wheels on a daily basis, yours are nowhere near some of the sights I see.. Alex
  10. telewebby

    Warranty question - Nissan (all cars really)

    is it flagging up key not detected on the dash, if so there was a tsb for the Qashqai which invloved replacing the battery with a thicker than standard2032 key battery which was only available from Nissan. I bet the current key battery will have 3 little burn marks on it from the prongs, gently...
  11. telewebby

    What is this? (Shocking content!)

    inner edge of your tyre also looks unevenly worn as well. this could indicate low tyre pressure, bad alignment, poor shocks/bushes. this could give a vibration if worn bad enough Alex
  12. telewebby

    Large estate, hatchback or MPV recommendations?

    Subaru Outback? bit of a left field choice Alex
  13. telewebby

    Your top 5 worst engines.

    really, no crappy engines? nissan 1.2 dig t timing chain and oil consumption issue. bmws 2.0d timing chain. audi/vw/skoda 1.2/1.4/2.0 tfsi/tsi oil burning/camshaft followers/timing chain issues, subaru ej25 and fa20 turbocharged oil consumption/ring land failure, jag/land rover products to...
  14. telewebby

    Halfords 3-year battery warranty is a joke.

    or not being used correctly which wouldnt deem it a manufacturing defect Alex
  15. telewebby

    What are you listening to, GD?

    Currently on repeat Nightwish @wacken 2013 and Sabaton the great tour live Alex
  16. telewebby

    Is used car warranty worth it?

    I would also second the nissan warranty as it will cover more than third party warrantys. the servicing cost from the main dealer are failry reasonable as they still include 1 year of breakdown cover as well. If its a 1.2 petrol 2014-2017 they suffer from timing chain and oil consumption...
  17. telewebby

    Main Dealer labour rates

    quite correct no skill in pulling the codes but thats far from diagnosing a fault. fault codes point to the end of the line and the sensor/sensors that have picked up a fault not always what has caused it Alex
  18. telewebby

    At what point do you scrap a car?

    The autos in those 107s are a computer controlled manual and they were problematic and expensive to replace, i would stick with the yaris and repair it as you know the car Alex
  19. telewebby

    Where to buy genuine spark plugs?

    what vehicle are they for? for the time and effort with counterfits etc why not just order from the dealer? Alex
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