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  1. Jonny2284

    Doctor Who

    I'm not sure casting a black woman in 2022 is quite the pinnacle of "woke" you see it is.
  2. Jonny2284

    Total War: Warhammer 3

    Yikes. way back near the start of the thread I put my money down on a pre-order since after the last two games they'd gotten my confidence in the out of the box state back, way to **** that away.
  3. Jonny2284

    Peaky Blinders -New BBC series, 1919 Brummie Gangsters

    Liked everything up to the last 10 minutes. What a ****y cop out.
  4. Jonny2284

    The Last Kingdom - new series for BBC based on Bernard Cornwell's Saxon stories

    I know it's the final season, but I thought I read there was going to be a film as well to finish it off.
  5. Jonny2284

    Dune: Spice Wars

    The first Dune game wasn't an RTS, but yes. I'm old enough to learn the ways of the RTS from Dune II
  6. Jonny2284

    The Book of Boba Fett - Star Wars Series (Disney)

    Bit of both for spice, it has been there since the first film (dumping a shipment of spice was why Greedo confronts Han in the first film and why Boba Fett wanted him frozen to return him to Jabba) but still feels like a Dune ripoff.
  7. Jonny2284

    Anyone else hates steam sales these days?

    ^ That. I have 25 items on my wishlist. There isn't a weekend goes by where I don't get a "an item on your wishlist is on sale" email. Their sales have fallen a long way since the days when 80 quid was getting you a publishers entire steam catalogue.
  8. Jonny2284

    The Future of Overclockers Forum.... and the world.

    There's hundred of individual subreddits of similar size though, and still little of what we're talking about here holds true in those places, you either end up with unmoderated cesspits or tightly wound echo chambers where if you aren't outright banned you're downvoted out of sight if you don't...
  9. Jonny2284

    The Book of Boba Fett - Star Wars Series (Disney)

    I know in the world of shared univeses some people need to see literally every event play out for it to somehow count, but
  10. Jonny2284

    What Audiobooks are you listening to ?

    Dead Man Running. It's about a guy who was informing on an Australian bike gang for the police. Decent enough listen, but it sounds absolutely infantile when they use the Australian terminology like "Bikee"
  11. Jonny2284

    Doctor Who

    Why? They just clean sweeped the entire background staff, that alone should be enough to reinvigourate it.
  12. Jonny2284

    Snowpiercer | Netflix

    Presumably that would be the violence, with the arm shatterings and the like.
  13. Jonny2284

    The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (Prime)

    It must be exhausting to see agendas everywhere you turn, just waiting around a corner to jump out at you with their wokeness.
  14. Jonny2284

    Star Trek: Picard

    It isn't in reference to you, it was in reference to the guy after you who added that it was modern life full stop. Though your reaction is very telling.
  15. Jonny2284

    Star Trek: Picard

    Yes, all that persecution you endure on a daily basis just for being a white man must be horrible. Or a figment of your imagination, I forget which.
  16. Jonny2284

    Audible returns?

    Anything you buy with credits is yours regardless of your subscription status.
  17. Jonny2284

    Audible returns?

    I know they'll let you do that, they even make a point that they'll do it for you once no questions asked (though whether that stands for a trial account is a different question). Which pretty much guarantees any attempt after is that account forever more marked as "no returns without a good...
  18. Jonny2284

    The Expanse

    I think they had (or if they do go forward) they're intending to pull it in a bit though
  19. Jonny2284

    The Expanse

    Decent enough job of adapting what was left of the book, I can see why people are going to be upset since all the resolution to Laconia and the Protomolecule is in the books/seasons that will likely never be made though.
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