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  1. Logan09

    Plex Nine

    The TVDB scanner is now and running with Plex Nine. All my movies and TV shows have been scanned in now. Loving the new iOS app.
  2. Logan09

    Best free games for the iPhone?

    183! But since then I've not got over a 100. Must have been a total fluke.
  3. Logan09

    best iPhone twitter app?

    Twitterfon is the best free app, but Tweetie is best overall.
  4. Logan09

    Anyone loaded Windows 7 on a Mac?

    Got the beta, but not got round to installing it yet. One of the VMware guys said on their forum you should choose "Windows Server 2008" as the install option when you install it, as more of the VMware tools and hardware will be detected properly.
  5. Logan09

    Good OSX backup software.

    Another vote here for SuperDuper. It really is an excellent piece of software. It's free to use so you can try it out. You only have to pay for the scheduling and the incremental backup.
  6. Logan09


    You need to get to level 100 on classic mode, then it ends and you unlock endless mode.
  7. Logan09

    newsgroup readers

    or SabNZBd.
  8. Logan09

    Transferring large files from mac to pc

    The other option is to install some software on your mac to allow it to write to the NTFS-formatted hard drive. There's one you can pay for called Paragon NTFS for OS X, which does a good job and is easy, just install it, and then you can write to NTFS. The other option is free, but not as...
  9. Logan09

    Synchronisation/mounting of folders from NAS?

    You don't need the applescript, just mount the network drive and drag it into your login items. Now it'll automount at logon. As for synchronisation, if you mean syncing 2 iTunes libraries then check out syncOtunes.
  10. Logan09

    searching in safari like 'g ocuk'?

    I don't know of anything that uses the address bar like that in safari, but inquisitor is a great search plugin, and allows you to set multiple search engines and assign keyboard shortcuts to them.
  11. Logan09

    Need Help with Disk Images

    Was the XP partition formatted as FAT32 or NTFS? If it was NTFS then that would explain why it can't restore the image as OS X can't write to NTFS. Also is the new partition the same size (or bigger) than the old one? If it's smaller then it won't let you restore the dmg.
  12. Logan09

    Anyone use Dropbox?

    No, sent you some love. ;)
  13. Logan09

    Your Programs!

    OS - OSX Leopard Music - iTunes Video - VLC Burning - OSX Built-in Office Apps - iWork '08 Torrent Client - Transmission Image Viewer - Preview Image Editor - Aperture Web Browsing - Firefox 3 Archiver - Unarchiver Photo Organizer - iPhoto/Aperture Launcher/Search - Quicksilver Email...
  14. Logan09

    "Shared" section in Finder

    Can't actually find the thread I was talking about, it seems to have mysteriously disappeared from apple's forums, but whilst I was looking I found this thread giving info on getting Leopard to play nice with Windows shares. Might be worth a look.
  15. Logan09

    "Shared" section in Finder

    Be ready for them to disappear and reappear randomly. I've had this problem since installing Leopard, and it's very odd. There's a huge thread on the apple support forums about it, but no definitive answer.
  16. Logan09

    This program was dowloaded from the interent

    There is a script you can set as a folder action to prevent this. To download the script and for instructions go here.
  17. Logan09

    Software to...

    You shouldn't lose data on BOTH partitions. If you delete the partition you don't need and run disk utility (you may need to run it from the OSX install disc) you should be able to resize the remaining partition without losing any data on your main partition. It's the same as when you decide...
  18. Logan09

    New to itunes

    At the top of the columns click on 'album' and it will change to 'album by artist'. This, together with making sure the 'group compilations' option is ticked, should eliminate all those extra album listings in coverflow.
  19. Logan09

    Firefox will not work with this web site

    works fine for me in Firefox 3 beta 5
  20. Logan09

    iPhone Camera Problem

    No problem.
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