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  1. spoonjaffa

    Jira alternative?
  2. spoonjaffa

    Hover boards banned on uk pavements?!

    Just spotted the onewheel. Looks good fun.
  3. spoonjaffa

    Hover boards banned on uk pavements?!

    Yea, I saw someone run into someone once on the payment... dangerous stuff ;) Health and safety gone mad in this country, the state is producing a risk adverse/joyless population.
  4. spoonjaffa

    Hover boards banned on uk pavements?!

    The Highways Act (1835) prohibits the use of powered vehicles on the pavement. Although this was a good idea at the time, preventing things such as steam powered traction engines from being used, it now stifles progress as harmless devices are illegal to use. Popular self-balancing scooters...
  5. spoonjaffa

    Disappointed in the rift

    Try the rift with dirt rally, full VR support due this month. A top title like this with VR support, can't wait!!
  6. spoonjaffa

    Steam and Oculus Rift?

    Shame you can't easily access/start none oculus content outside of oculus home. There is a hack where you can create shortcuts in oculus home to external content but its not ideal.
  7. spoonjaffa

    Austrian Grand Prix 2016, Spielberg - Race 9/21

    Anyone here reading the German media view on the incident?
  8. spoonjaffa

    Austrian Grand Prix 2016, Spielberg - Race 9/21

    Who are todays race stewards?
  9. spoonjaffa

    The Battlefield 4 Thread ~ Server details in opening post ~

    38 player server for noobs, now open with friendly admins... House-Of-Plop-Plops. We welcome all bad players :D
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    German Grand Prix 2012, Hockenheim - Race 10/20

    Schumi was in the best car at the time with the best tyres in the Ferrari years. That dominance almost destroyed the sport to the point were the sporting bodies won't allow that to happen again, i.e. they wouldn't let Vettels blown deffuser winning years go on. Ferrari and maybe even just Schumi...
  11. spoonjaffa

    Origin Summer Sale!

    EA were once respectable. They helped DICE mess up BF3 to the point where i don't think i'll be looking at BF4 if there is one. Origin is a shambles and to think they can catch up to steam is a joke. Sales??? Pah!
  12. spoonjaffa

    Steam Summer Sale: What's on your list?

    Saints row 3 franchise pack (all DLC content) at £19.99 (70% off) but wait... The game and selecting all DLC individually is £16.54 (75% off). Is the DLC worth it along with the hassle to add all the items to cart separately?
  13. spoonjaffa

    **** Original Starcraft 2 Thread ****

    Learning hot keys is a must to break in platinum plus i guess? Wish i had been told this when i started playing, got to many bad habits now!
  14. spoonjaffa

    *** PC Gaming - Daily Deals Thread ***

    Dam missed the Anno 2070 50% off, any idea when the next deals will be or is it random now? Is there a summer sale due soon?
  15. spoonjaffa

    Diablo3 Guest pass begging thread

    trying to GF into it got a spare guest pass?
  16. spoonjaffa

    Project Reality : Arma 2

    Thought I'd highlight Project Reality Mod for Arma 2 for any players looking for a PvP version of Arma 2. Installation/Starting Guide Video Tutorials Great for anyone looking for true fps team work and strategy, the mod will only get better with time.
  17. spoonjaffa

    best SSD?

    Samsung 830, was going to go for m4 but checked out reviews of 830 and seems its all in house components. Its an evolution of the 470 which had the best reliability of all ssd. Now the speeds are up there with the best so no reason to have it in you short list.
  18. spoonjaffa

    **** Original Starcraft 2 Thread ****

    BUMP... just to say this is the best game ever. I play it more now that when it first came out, can't say that for any other game.
  19. spoonjaffa

    Is SOPA really that bad?

    Speaking of irony Edit: noticed it's posted already in this thread =
  20. spoonjaffa

    Battlefield 3 thread - Server details in opening post -

    Is there link in Origin to download bf3 beta, i seem to click on a banner for the beta and nothing happens. It just available to download now yea?
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