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  1. Philtor

    How old is your smartphone?

    I have an original iPhone SE released in 2016. Guess I am due an upgrade by now :D
  2. Philtor

    Spec me a new wallet - Specific requirements

    No, your wife never mentioned? :D
  3. Philtor

    What are the better up to date WiFi connection/hardware options for Windows 10?

    I have a Linksys AC1200 adapter that I have been using for well over 2 years now WFH. Has never missed a beat and connected on the 5GHz band to my hub so nice and fast. Running Windows 10 also. Just my 2 cents :)
  4. Philtor

    Dvd disc printers

    I miss the days of buying optical media and burning disks. Still have a Sony burner in my machine (yup it’s that old). Doesn’t get used much these days :D
  5. Philtor

    Images of items I have purchased (except trainers)

    4.8%? You will be cleaning the mattress as WW3 is happening :D normally them countries go way up the strength, but drink less. Is it nice but?
  6. Philtor

    *** The Brand New Post An Image Of Your Desktop Thread ***

    All I see is a black rectangle? :D
  7. Philtor

    Dvd disc printers

    I used Nero back in the day. Not for your intended purpose however lol
  8. Philtor

    Laser Printer Suggestions Please

    Yeah I would recommend Canon also. Solid machines and decent software too.
  9. Philtor

    Dvd disc printers

    I loved lightscribe. I remember backing up my disks and using it to print the software title and licence key on the disk. Ok it took a while, but was decent enough at the time I thought. How things have changed over the years :D
  10. Philtor

    *** Forum Update - Official Issues Thread - Please check the OP for known issues ***

    My experience also but early days yet. None of us were nuked anyway :D
  11. Philtor

    Spec me a toaster

    I just ordered one of these. I will likely still spill my coffee when it ejects but should last a long time and a good price :)
  12. Philtor

    Spec me a toaster

    I would suggest to get one with a quiet launch mechanism or whatever it’s called. The Morphy Richards I own makes quite the racket when the toast is done. 3 times now my cup of coffee has ended up over the kitchen worktop and me :( It has my nerves wrecked lol
  13. Philtor

    Gamer Girl selling her bathwater?????

    Shower water now I hear! :D
  14. Philtor

    Microsoft Teams

    Agreed. It’s a mess imo. How could they get it so wrong?
  15. Philtor


    I meant to say Windows defender. Same pig, different lipstick :p
  16. Philtor

    Backup Software

    You need to expand the partition during the cloning process. There’s a guide on their site for this I think.
  17. Philtor

    Cat poo on the lawn

    Get some tiger **** from your local zoo and place some on the grass. You will not see any more cats. Just watch if you bring the lawnmower out but :D (clean it up first)
  18. Philtor

    Backup Software

    As above, the free version of Macrium reflect is all you need.
  19. Philtor

    Butchers and Chemists

    That’s what my local pub does at last orders mind :D Not quite the same I suppose!
  20. Philtor

    Butchers and Chemists

    They have to check it’s the correct pills etc and correct quantity before dispensing it. Then I imagine the labelling has to be checked also to ensure it’s correct. I don’t mind waiting for these checks to be completed. Butchers; give us that big lump there. Good man.
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