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  1. Ham

    Anyone had the snip?

    My GP was quite surprised when I requested it though she was fine to refer me after a chat. The surgeon phoned me prior to the op, again he said he was unusual but not unheard of and was happy to go ahead with the procedure. I was 31 at the time and had been with my wife for over 10 years so...
  2. Ham

    World of Warcraft: Classic

    I've reserved my (Horde) names on Pyrewood Village PvE and also joined a guild if anyone's interested -
  3. Ham

    World of Warcraft: Classic

  4. Ham

    World of Warcraft: Classic

    It says locked but if you wait it'll put you in the queue.
  5. Ham

    World of Warcraft: Classic

    I'm leaning towards Horde PvE at the moment.
  6. Ham

    World of Warcraft: Classic

    Sadly not
  7. Ham

    World of Warcraft: Classic

    Almost certainly but you'd have to be crazy to even consider it
  8. Ham

    ***World of Warcraft - The Elysium Project***

    I'll be playing again on the PvE server. I have a warrior and hunter from Nostalrius both in the low 40s which I've transferred. I also have a 60 druid on the PvP server though the population there felt too high when it was Nost; the PvE server felt more like a Blizz server in terms of...
  9. Ham

    Best travel bag or cases?

    I've recently bought one of these for short breaks. Used it for the first time at the weekend and it was ideal; far more functional and easier to transport than the usual carry-on case and should last many years too. I got it from Go Outdoors as they did a price match -10% so the final price...
  10. Ham

    Death Penalty - Yay or Nay

    The death penalty should be an option in extreme cases. Anders Breivik for example.
  11. Ham

    anything better than maui jim ?

    Have a look at Serengeti
  12. Ham

    Farming Simulator 17

    Would you say this game is more about driving the vehicles (similar to Euro Truck Sim) or farm management, or both/either?
  13. Ham

    ***The Vapers Lounge*** 3.0

    This thread is lacking pictures. Here's my Microstick + Spheroid V4
  14. Ham

    So these Dacia adverts I've been hearing so much...

    They've definitely missed a trick by not opening each advert with "good news!"
  15. Ham

    How many days off work do you get a year?

    22 days leave (5 must be taken over Christmas) + Bank Holidays. 10 years service and 0 extra days
  16. Ham

    Spec Driving Sunglasses

    Always trust the Doctor
  17. Ham

    Spec Driving Sunglasses

    A decent optician will stock one or both.
  18. Ham

    Spec Driving Sunglasses

    If you're not worried about a cool brand and are looking for some superb sunglasses then you want to be looking at Serengeti or Maui Jim. I have a pair of Serengetis and they're excellent all-round, especially for driving. I've had people comment on them and ask what brand they are, though...
  19. Ham


    RWD will always be more fun. Willy-waving ring times mean nothing
  20. Ham

    Vote for baby Finley

    Please make it stop
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